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Official Casa Guide - What to prepare before your trip

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2.1 Casa Attire

The Entities request that all participants wear white clothing to the sessions at the Casa. Furthermore sleeveless shirts, shorts, cutoffs and very revealing clothes are discouraged. You are free to wear other colors in the Casa grounds if you are not going into the current rooms.) Your clothes should fit comfortably and not be tight around the waist. If you cannot avoid wearing a belt, you should loosen it when sitting down in the current room. It is also respectful not to wear a hat or sunglasses in the current room.

For your trip it is wise to pack more than one set of white clothes. Laundry facilities in Abadiania are not the most efficient, so you can expect a three day turnaround if you have your clothes washed. A good rule of thumb is to bring three white tops and two bottoms.

2.2 Other Clothing

Casual comfortable clothing is appropriate around town and in your pousada. Plan for warm weather and complement with a sweatshirt and light rain jacket. (An Umbrella is also indispensable.) Although generally the days are quite warm, weather in Abadiania can change quite abruptly. Warm days can get to 95 degrees Farenheit (35 C) and cold nights to 41 F (5 C).


Footwear. For the Casa, you can wear sandals, comfortable leather shoes or tennis shoes. If you like to hike, some light hiking boots would be good. Do not bring your good leather shoes as many streets are not paved and the ones that are may not be very clean.


2.3 Trip Planning

Remember you are here for healing and please do not plan on touring other parts of Brazil in between weeks at the Casa. The entities have repeatedly said you are endangering your healing if you leave Abadiania in the middle of your visit. If you want to do some touring, please plan to do it before you come to the Casa. Also do not plan strenuous journeys immediately after your visit to the Casa. You will be recovering from your experience here for up to 40 days.


2.4 Recommended Reading

Biography of John of God

  • The Miracle Man, The life story of Joao de Deus. R. Pellegrino-Estrich

What people Experience at the Casa

  • Spiritual Alliances - Emma Bragdon PhD
  • The Book of Miracles - Josie Ravenswing

Philosophy of the Casa

  • The Spirit's Book - Allan Kardec
  • The Medium's Book - Allan Kardec
  • The Gospel According to Spiritism - Allan Kardec
  • Nosso Lar - Francisco Candido Xavier
  • And Life goes on - Francisco Candido Xavier
  • The Messengers - Francisco Candido Xavier

2.5 Other things to bring with you

A flashlight a camera an umbrella some inspirational reading and a hat are good things to bring along. If you are bringing any electric or electronic equipment such as blow dryer, electric shaver, PDA/Palm or Computer, remember that the local electrical supply is 220V. Standard alkaline batteries for CD players or cameras are easily available.