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Official Casa Guide - Upon Arriving in Abadiania

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3.1 Visiting the Casa

After you settle into your pousada it is a great idea to visit the Casa grounds and familiarize yourself with its location and general layout. Every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM the Casa hosts an introductory talk to welcome newcomers and to update everyone on the latest rules or changes in Casa Protocol. Please plan to attend this talk when you first come to Abadiania.


3.2 Entering Casa Grounds

Please keep in mind that you are entering a holy site and be respectful of the place, of yourself and of others. This will greatly enhance everyone's experience, including your own. Otherwise, feel free to roam the gardens, sit at the terrace and enjoy the view.

3.3 Silence is a Prayer

There are signs around the Casa asking for silence and stating that silence is a prayer. There is a practical component of silence which has to do with allowing others to hear what is going on. But there is also a deeper and more important aspect of maintaining silence. The more we are silent the easier it is to be in tune with our own process and what is happening in the inner world. Silence goes beyond just not speaking and can be a state of being.

There are many beautiful experiences to be had here, but we will miss them if we do not cultivate silence. There are many distractions here, most of them as innocent as a friend wanting to share their experience. Although the current rooms are a place where many of these experiences originate, many times the really significant ones happen while we are out by ourselves looking at the view or resting in the garden.

Some of those moments are just for you and sometimes they come and go in a flash. No one can tell you how or help you seize these nuggets of gold. So we invite you to practice cultivating Silence while in Abadiania.