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A Miracle for Trevor

I have a small healing group in Hornsea, England called the Hornsea Healers. We lay hands and ask God to help those who come along. I met Trevor a few years ago. He is also a healer and lives in Maidstone, Kent. Trevor had MS. Yes, I did say had MS because Joao's Entities have healed him!!

I was arranging a trip to Abadiania to help Trevor for May this year, when I received the newsletter with Joao's trip to Vienna. 18 hours travelling time would have been a nightmare for Trevor, even though he was prepared to do it. Vienna is a 2 hour flight and therefore much easier for him.

My wife Monika & I travelled down to Maidstone in Kent and stayed 2 nights with Trevor & Kim his wife. We flew from Gatwick airport on Friday the 25th March. 2 other friends David & Susan were at the airport to meet us and we all 6 set off for Vienna on the trip of a lifetime. Sightseeing was on the agenda for Saturday and Sunday and Vienna is a really beautiful city, but I was only there to see Joao.

Monday morning 7.30 am off to the Kahlenberg. On arrival we saw the sea of white. Once inside the tent we waited, as all do, to pass the Entities who work through Joao and were all 6 told we were to have operations. We sat in the current room and had our healing.

Tuesday Monika & I sat in the current room in the afternoon and Kim & Trevor (in his wheelchair) passed the Entities once again and had healing for the second time along with Susan & David.

Wednesday Monika & I sat all day in the current room. Trevor & Kim walked in the line to see the Entities again and when stood in front of Joao were told through Martin "Operation tomorrow morning 8.00 am , you will be cured" Well you can imagine how overwhelmed they were. They travelled back to the apartment in the centre of Vienna on the tram full of tears and joy. We came out off the current room at the end of the day and outside the building I turned on my mobile phone and received a message from Kim with the miraculous news. Monika & I both could not hold back the tears either.

Thursday morning Monika & I sat in the current room deep in meditation. Trevor & Kim both had their last operations and were told, once again through Martin, "You are both cured of all Spiritual and physical ailments" Monika & I were on our way for the daily soup and I turned on the mobile phone to receive a message from Kim telling us all about it. What immense joy and love we both felt and we could not hold back the tears once again.

We all spent our last evening in the apartment full of excitement and reflecting on our 4 amazing days at the Kahlenberg. Friday 1st April we flew back to England after a trip of miracles..

Next year we plan to travel to Abadiania to give our thanks and to see Joao and the Entities again.

Joao is an amazing medium and dedicated servant of God and we thank and love him dearly.

Thank you and God bless you for your wonderful newsletter.

David Parker (England)

Update 25 May 2011

Dear Friends of the Casa,

We are indeed extremely well!  After almost 8 weeks Trevor continues to heal day by day; getting stronger & stronger each day.

I myself had an Earthly operation for Atrial Flutter 2 years ago and have always felt that my heart did not pump enough blood to my larger muscles; my thighs. Whilst in the current room, I had a quite painful sensation across my chest and asked Spirit "if it must be, then so be it"

I have felt so much better since. I have no more muscle ache in my thighs.

We are forever indebted to Joao and the Entities and God's great grace.

Look forward to reading "Friends of"

In Love & Light
David Parker