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Official Casa Guide - The Casa

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1.1 The Casa de Dom Inacio

The Casa de Dom Inacio was established in Abadiania in 1979 by Medium Joao Teixeira de Farias, known around the world as Joao de Deus or John of God, as a place to fulfill his spiritual healing mission. The Casa operates as a Non Denominational Temple and a Spiritual Hospital where innumerable spiritual entities work to help us heal, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

The Casa operates on the principles of Spiritist doctrine but, anyone, regardless of their faith or religious belief is welcome at the Casa de Dom Inacio.


1.2 What to Expect

If you are expecting to arrive at the Casa and have God descend in front of you and say "you are now healed my child you can go home", you are probably going to be disappointed. If that was your destiny, God did not need you to come to Abadiania to perform such a miracle, he could have done it in your own home. If you are here it is because that one is probably not an option for you right now. More than likely there is something for you to learn about receiving God's love and healing. So keep in mind you are here to LEARN and be prepared to do your part, whatever that may be for you. There are people here who along with Medium Joao and the entities are dedicating their time and energy to facilitate a process for you to receive help in your healing. You must always remember though, that this healing journey you are embarking on is your responsibility and no one else's. If we could see the grand scheme of spiritual matters we may be very surprised to see how little we are asked to do, but the whole thing cannot work unless we do our part too. The good news is you are here and something in your spirit brought you here. This probably means there is an opportunity for you to grow, improve your health and maybe even give of yourself to help others.

Keep in mind that the flow at the Casa is carefully orchestrated by the entities to maximize everyone's chance of receiving healing and help in their spiritual journey (Including the staff and volunteers). Although things may seem disorganized for Cosmopolitan Social Standards please do keep in mind you are neither in a Cosmopolitan setting nor in a Social setting. This is a spiritual hospital and the rules here are set up very differently than in any other setting you may be familiar with. If you find yourself upset at some rule or procedure take the opportunity to review your expectations rather than attempting to change the way things operate. Even spending time talking about how poorly organized things are is a distraction from the real opportunity you are faced with. Please don't hear this as some holy rule, it is just an opportunity to be mindful. If in your heart you know there is some way you can contribute to the Casa, you are more than welcome to speak about it to the entities or the staff.


1.3 The Casa and Its Spiritual Instruments

The Casa uses many instruments or vehicles to assist you in your spiritual process. These instruments include:

  • The Current
  • Passiflora supplements
  • Blessed Water
  • Magnetic Passes
  • Spiritual passes
  • Spiritual Interventions
  • Crystal baths
  • Waterfall
  • Soup
  • Prayers

All these will be discussed later in more detail.

1.4 Facilities at the Casa

The Casa is a spiritual center located in a very modest rural town in central Brazil. The Casa does not have any medical facilities nor is it equipped to deal with visitors needing any special medical care. Visitors who suffer from any medical condition are advised to seek the counsel of their physician before undertaking their journey to Brazil. The Casa assumes no responsibility for medical complications that may arise during a visitor's journey to Brazil.

Be further advised that the township of Abadiania has no hospital and no medical facility to speak of. There are medical Doctors who practice here part time and there is a first aid station. Pharmacies are available to purchase standard over the counter medications as well as to fill some prescriptions. If you are taking prescription medications you should continue taking them while you are visiting the Casa. As your prescription may not be available here you should bring enough for the length of your stay.


1.5 Casa Safety

While at the Casa please keep in mind that you are in a developing country and the Casa is open to everyone, including people who may be prone to taking things that are not theirs. Be mindful of where you place your belongings. Even while sitting in current, place your purse or handbag under your feet and make sure your room key is in your pocket and not in a bag or other container. We regret that this is so, but the Casa cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

Abadiania is a rural town, but the constant influx of foreign travelers has, unfortunately, attracted the attention of some undesirable elements. At night, please do not wander alone, walk in groups and, stick to the main roads. It might take longer but it is much safer. Remember not to carry valuables or large amounts of cash when you are walking around town as well.


1.6 Pousadas/Hotels, Táxis and Restaurants

During the last few years, many businesses such as Pousadas/Hotels, Táxis and Restaurants have been established in Abadiânia to take care of the many visitors who come to the Casa de Dom Inacio. Even though many of these businesses were established by people who participate at the Casa, they do not have any commercial affiliation with the Casa. The Pousadas/Hotels, Taxis and Restaurants are independent businesses and the Casa does not assume any responsibility for the quality of the services rendered.