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Andrea Tagliavini

Andrea visitó por primera vez La Casa en 2004 y es Guía desde 2006. Organiza viajes de dos semanas, cinco veces al año."Como Guía asumo un compromiso genuino con cada miembro del grupo para asistirlo en su proceso: preparo a cada uno y lo oriento en su trabajo interno antes de viajar y lo acompaño durante toda su estadía. Durante el viaje mantengo reuniones individuales y grupales logrando mantener al grupo concentrado en la experiencia e informado sobre los procesos de La Casa." Gracias a su actitud respetuosa y a la vez comprometida, logra que cada miembro del grupo se sienta cuidado y contenido desde el primer momento.Habla también Portugués, Inglés y Francés.

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Sean Durkin

Sean offers gentle, personalized client support for individuals and groups. Sean, an Abadiania resident, accommodates your schedule. He came to the Casa from the USA for spiritual growth in 2002, and moved to Brazil that November. Sean has been a Guide, Medium and Son of the Casa since 2004. He has practiced various healing modalities since 1993 - Light-body Infusion (a Brazilian Spiritist practice), Reiki Master, Balinese Traditional Healing, and Rebirthing Breathwork. Sean has worked extensively with people in addiction recovery for over 30 years. Sean uses this experience and knowledge to help his clients get the most out of their Casa visits. He encourages each guest, through one-on-one support during every visit, to understand their process, to do his or her part, to surrender to and trust, to let go of fixed expectations around treatments, results and schedules, and to get the maximum benefit from their treatment at the Casa. Join Sean and get the healing you deserve. Contact Sean to arrange an agreeable schedule for your journey to the Casa or for Distance healing requests.

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Phone (reaches Sean world-wide) +1-443-569-3579

Skype name: seanpazuniversal




Robert Estrich

Robert organized the first overseas group assistance to the Casa in Brazil back in 1996. Now, afterseventeen years and innumerable clients, he is arguably the most experienced guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio. His book, The Miracle Man - The Life Story of John of God" was the result of a directive from the Entities and John of God, seventeen years ago, when they told him that he will "write a book that would bring the world to Abadiania". The Miracle Man has indeed done this. His second book The Power to Heal, is an introduction to Energy Healing that explains in a concise manner the entire healing phenomenon. Robert lives in Abadiania and provides superior modern accommodation at" Villas Antonio". As the longest serving guide in the Casa de Dom Inacio, he offers a caring, personal service.

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