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Official Casa Guide - Spiritism

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4.1 The Most Basic Ideas

A detailed explanation of Spiritism, Mediumship and the relationship between the Mediumand the entities of the Casa is beyond the scope of this guide. Readers are referred to the copious literature available on the subject, including the classic texts by Alan Kardec mentioned in the previous chapters.

The main tenet of Spiritism is that Spirits exist before and after they have an incarnate existence like the one we are experiencing now. Spiritist doctrine also states that we can communicate with these spirits.

The people who have developed the ability to communicate with these Spirits are called Mediums. There are many different types of communication and many different types of Mediums. In addition to this, Mediums are in different stages of development of their abilities.

In Brazil, Spiritism is practiced with great discipline and devotion in many Casas or Spiritist Centers. The Casa de Dom Inacio is unique in it's size, scope and reputation. So beprepared, you are coming into a unique opportunity. We hope you will make the most of it.

4.2 The Entities and the Medium

For our purposes we will just make a few distinctions. First, the word entity refers to one of the many benevolent and advanced spirits that work here at the Casa. Although we are all mediums in one way or another, we refer to Joao de Deus as "The Medium". This is opposed to "The entity" which is the way we refer to the spirit that is incorporated in his body during the sessions at the Casa. Joao de Deus is the strongest full trance medium alive today in Brazil and probably the world. He is able to incorporate many different spirits including St. Ignatius of Loyola, King Solomon, Francisco Xavier and Drs. Augusto de Almeida, Jose Valdivino and Oswaldo Cruz. This unique ability gives us the rare chance to interact verbally with these entities and ask for advice and help with health and life issues. This is a rare opportunity and we should hold it as such.


4.3 Other Mediums

There are many other mediums helping at the Casa. Technically speaking everyone is a medium. (Yes, you too). Some have developed their abilities more than others, but everyone has some innate mediumship abilities. Most of these mediums are sitting in the current rooms where the work is taking place. Some of them are also assigned to some specific posts in the different rooms to assist with the process of treating all who seek help here.