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Official Casa Guide - Sons and Daughters of the Casa

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What does this mean?

The entity has recognized your spiritual connection to the Casa and it’s mission and they are speaking a formal bond of love for you making you part of the Casa’s Family. You are now a Medium of the Casa. From now on you will always be recognized and welcome here. This is your home.

What do I need to do?

You must now go to the Casa administration and let them know the entity has made you a Son/Daughter of the Casa. They will ask you to provide some personal information and two ID sized photographs. (Please make sure to clarify the exact size they need.) After you have provided this material, your application will be signed by the President of the Casa and you will be issued an ID card.

What does this entitle me to?

Being a son/daughter of the Casa entitles you to sit in the Entities’ room any time there is room available. You can go in with the Mediums/Current line before the session starts. It also entitles you to begin your training as a medium.


  • Heal anyone
  • Place your hands on anyone (Most especially other mediums.)
  • Teach anyone
  • Shortcut any of the Casa rules and protocols
  • Charge anyone for Spiritual procedures or healings
  • Anything other than what is specifically stated in the opening paragraph of this section.

What are my responsibilities as a Medium of the Casa?

As a medium of the Casa you are expected to:

  • Act with Love, Humility and Compassion at all times, most especially at the Casa.
  • Maintain silence in the Main hall and the current sessions while the work is going on.
  • Follow all the Casa procedures.
  • Familiarize yourself with this guide so you can answer correctly when a new visitor asks you for help.
  • Be familiar with the Casa staff so you can direct someone to the appropriate persons.
  • Respect Medium Joao’s private time and limit your demands on his personal time..