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Rick's Story

Rick Starr
California, USA

I arrive with a group of Australians at the Casa for the second session on Wednesday. Most have breast cancer, diabetes and heart problems. I am here for a compressed disk in my back, which has caused severe pain for about a year. There is a main hall with a small concrete stage. We hear about a thirty-minute talk in Portuguese and then file into the first 'current' room. We sit with our eyes closed, hands and arms not touching and meditate. Later we are told to come back tomorrow by today's entity. João/entity scans you instantly, seeing everything including what is wrong and what is needed. All is transparent, including the physical to emotional/psychological attachments to karmic history. Conversation is unnecessary but if João/entity should have advice to give, it is important to have a translator nearby as speech is in Portuguese.

Thursday morning session, we line up and file into current room two where João is seated. We each receive a script for herbs to be taken three times daily and some are told to sit in this current room. This is obviously a powerful room that can be felt. During 'in-current' sessions, I personally would experience waves of chills top to bottom, light ripples circling counter-clockwise around my peripheral vision and various images.

On Friday I file past João and straight into the room for operations. There are benches where we sit and I visualize my lower back-disk being worked on. I imagine the space between the bones being enlarged and the nerves being healed. I feel slight 'clicks' at my tailbone but no other sensations. After a while, João says, "All are operated on". Outside, friends comment that my lower back is hot. I touch it and yes, it touches like it was sunburned. After an operation, you are to leave the Casa for twenty-four hours and so I go back to my room to lie down until dinner. My lower back, after a time, begins to get slightly sore. The soreness went away in a few days and my back has not bothered me since.

This was my experience. Other people have their own experience and as individuals each may vary. A person only has to suspend disbelief for a while, be open and go along for the ride.