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Official Casa Guide - Other Important Topics

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Blessed Water

Drink as much as you can while you are here. While you are visiting the Casa, drink as much blessed water as possible. This is part of your treatment and will enhance your process. The water is blessed daily in the current room and it does not cost any more than regular bottled water at the store.

Take some home. When you leave, take some water with you. You can mix it with other filtered water at home and say a prayer so the water stretches and lasts you a long time.


The soup is part of your spiritual treatment at the Casa. It is imbued with energy from the entities and it is intended to enhance your spiritual experience. The entity is always telling participants to make sure to partake from the soup as it is part of the treatment. As for its material composition, we are talking about a lightly seasoned vegetable soup with noodles.

Crystal Beds

The crystal beds are another opportunity for you to work with the entities and allow them to help your healing. You can choose to do a crystal bed session voluntarily or by recommendation from the entity. There is a small charge for the Crystal Bed Sessions and you schedule them at the bookstore. When you arrive at your scheduled time, you will be instructed to lay down on a small bed. It is recommended that you remove jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, any metal or any tight fitting garments such as belts. Suspended above you are seven pure quartz crystals with color lights coming through them. The crystals are pointed to your energy centers. You can now close you eyes and relax while listening to some nice music. The sessions are 20 minutes long and the entity may recommend one or more sessions for you.

The Waterfall

The sacred waterfall of the Casa is called the Cachoeira in Portuguese. The entities work with you during your time in this waterfall. Access to the waterfall is strictly by explicit permission from the entity. Men and Women are to go separately and nobody is to go alone. You should open the work by saying a prayer and invocation before you enter the waterfall and close it by saying a prayer of gratitude. If it is your first time you should go with someone who is familiar with the waterfall and it's procedure. There is to be no nudity, candles, incense, soap, photographic, video or audio equipment used at the waterfall. Please be respectful of the place, it is part of the Casa. Please do not take any mementos such as rocks, crystals or flowers from the waterfall area. Please limit your time at the waterfall as there may be many people waiting to go in.

The Prayer Triangle

On the front wall in the main hall and on the back wall facing the garden you will find a large wooden triangle. Many times the base these triangles will be stuffed with notes and photographs. The triangle is a way to communicate your prayers and needs to the entities, or to ask for help or blessings for a loved one. You will see people placing notes or pictures and praying with their head in the triangle for a few minutes.

Feel free to do this any time the stage is clear. It is suggested to approach the triangle barefoot and take a moment to collect your thoughts before placing your note or picture. Then place your forehead in the middle of the triangle, begin your prayer and let go for a moment.

When you have finished, gather yourself again for a moment and go back to the rest of your day. Don’t forget your shoes!

The Rosary

Every night at 8:00 PM there is a rosary prayer meeting in the main hall. All are welcome to attend. For those who wish to strengthen their prayers, this is a wonderful place to practice.

Photographs of Friends and loved ones

The entities are able to help people at a distance when they cannot come in person. The way to request this kind of help for someone is to bring the person’s photograph and present it to the entity. In the back of the photograph you should write the name of the person along with their date of birth address/location and the specific illness they are asking for help with. If the person in the photograph is not willing to take herbs, it is better to place their picture in the prayer triangle for a blessing from the entities. It is wise to wait until your treatment is underway before presenting the photos. When you are ready to do so, stand in the second time line and present your photo(s).

The entity will examine each one and give you a Herbal Supplement Recommendation for the ones who require it. Make sure not to mix up the Herbal Supplement s if you have more than one photograph. After the session you should purchase the Herbal Supplement and deliver it to them as soon as you get home. If there is more than one person in the photograph and you only are asking for one person, place an arrow above their head on the photo. If the entity marks an X on someone’s photo it means that this person needs to come to the Casa in person. The reason for this is known only to the entity. You can bring as many photos as you think you need, but remember that if you bring 18 photos and you get 18 Herbal Supplement Recommendations you may have to go home with 90 bottles of capsules in your luggage and this may raise some eyebrows with customs in your country.

The Bookshop

The Casa bookshop sells crystals, books, blessed water, rosaries and other gift items you may want to take back with you. The crystals available at the bookshop are already blessed by the entity and are wonderful reminders of the Casa energy. If you would like an extra boost in your crystal you can take them with you into the current room. If you have brought your own crystal you can take it to the entity to have it blessed.


The Casa accepts donations through the donation boxes in the main hall and coffee shop walls. None of the staff or volunteers are authorized to accept donations for the Casa. If you would like to make a substantial donation or you need a receipt for your donation, please contact the Casa Director or Medium Joao directly; they are the only people authorized to accept a donation for the Casa. Special projects such as the soup kitchen are managed separately from the Casa and the person accountable for that project is authorized to receive donations for that project.

Healing, and other Energy Treatments

Although other forms of energy treatments or healing disciplines can be useful in their own right, remember that in Abadiania you are under the care of the entities and the use of any other healing discipline or energy work will interfere with your treatment. This icludes reiki, psychotherapy, tarot readings, laying of hands and any other form of energy work. The entities request that you not perform or receive any such treatments.

NOTE: Manipulation techniques performed by trained professionals, aimed at maintaining circulation and basic body function for people who are still in wheelchairs are considered part of medical treatment and therefore allowed.

Massage and Body Work

Some Massage or Body Work practitioners are empowered by the entities to work in Abadiania. If you would like more information on this please approach the Casa staff.

Medical treatment

If you are currently under the care of a physician the Casa specifically instructs you to follow the instructions of your medical advisor. Your treatment at the Casa is not a replacement for, nor does it conflict with any medical treatment. Do not stop or alter any prescription or instruction from your doctor.

Visitors in Wheelchairs

The Casa is accessible to people in wheelchairs. Personal assistance for visitors in wheelchairs is available in Abadiania through private services. The cost of these services is generally lower than the cost of bringing a caretaker along with you. Information is readily available on the Internet.

Taking Pictures, Video, and Interviews

Video and photographs. You are welcome to take pictures and video in the Casa grounds and the main hall. If you wish to photograph or video tape inside the current rooms you must ask permission of the entities. If you want a photo with the medium, generally there are photo opportunities on Fridays at the end of the day in the back garden.

If you are a journalist and you would like to schedule an interview with Medium Joao, please mail a written request to the Casa administration at least 30 days in advance of your visit.


Children of all ages are welcome at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The Casa does not however offer any special facilities for the care of infants or children. You must make your own arrangements for childcare if you need it.

Children are welcome in the current rooms with their parent or guardian. Room monitors will make every effort to accommodate people with children.

If a child becomes highly disruptive to the process a room monitor may ask you to leave the room. This has been already authorized by the entities. If you are in the Medium’s room you may exit through the entrance door. If you are in the Entities’ room, please go through the intervention room and sit to receive a spiritual pass before exiting. If you wish to leave the room for any reason, please ask a room monitor for assistance.

Letters to the Casa

If you wish, you may write to the Casa to ask for help or communicate your gratitude or other feelings. All requests are passed before the entity. All letters that include a full return address will be answered by the Casa. Currently the Casa responds to letters from 22 countries. Your letter does not need to be in Portuguese but it is helpful if it is in either English, French, German, Spanish or Italian as we do not have permanenet translators for other languages. Some times the entity will request your physical presence at the Casa, the entities would not do that if they did not see it as important and beneficial, but the choice is always yours.

All letters written to the casa are opened and read by someone on staff. They are then handed to the entity. Only standard replies are sent (however please understand that people sending mail to the Casa may not receive a response by mail as the costs of such are prohibitive). The Entity will say prayers attending to all people who send letters - this is certain. They do not send herbs or reply to specific questions. Anything noteworthy is flagged to the entity or Medium Joao.

If you would like to receive herbs or possibly a reply to a specific question, for a fee one of the approved guides can bring the photo / letter to the Entity. The Entity may suggest herbs tailored for the person seeking help. The guide would then purchase the herbs at the Casa and send them directly to the person seeking help. Please contact Guides for further information.

Send letters to

Casa de Dom Inacio
Av. Francisca Teixeira Dama s/n
CEP: 72940-000 Abadiania Goias, Brasil

Please note - Letters only, the Casa does not reply to emails