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Narada's Story

Narada Muni Das
(Birthname) Lenny Rader
Alachua, Florida; Born: 1948

Wearing white t-shirts and muted orange dhotis (loose pants typical of India) a white dot painted on the center of their foreheads, one hand enclosed in a prayer bead bag, Narada and his friend, Jabuvanath, stood out in the crowd of people at the Casa de Dom Inácio. I'm sure I wasn't the only person wondering how these people from the Hari Krishna movement had found their way to João's sanctuary in Brazil in early March, 2001.

On my first day at the Casa, I had seen Jabuvanath fall to the ground, unconscious, as he stood watching the orientation in the morning, one in a crowd of over three hundred people. As the Casa volunteers gently carried him to the recovery room, I noticed how very thin he was. Narada recalled that Jabuvanath had been ill with stomach cancer at that time. As Jabuvanath was looking at the photo of Dom Inácio in the assembly room, he had become overwhelmed with the presence of entities and fallen to the floor in a profound state of bliss.

The entities often work with people who are standing in the assembly room, or meditating anywhere on the Casa grounds. I was warned to not be surprised if someone fell down during the assembly. Jabuvanath has the ability to feel the entities working on him in a very dramatic way. Other people say they feel nothing, but sometimes discover the thin line of a scar on their bodies, evidence that they had surgery without consciously being aware of it.

Narada was diagnosed five years ago with Hepatitis C, a virus which is blood borne. He contracted the disease in 1971 from a blood transfusion he received during surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor. Western medicine knows of no cure for Hepatitis C. Treatment involves rest. Drugs, like Interferon, which are hard on the liver, are usually prescribed. (Combination therapy with Ribavirin is now used which has severe side effects ... including major depression and anaemia.) Narada believes the chemotherapy actually challenges the body still more than the Hepatitis. Patients must curtail or limit sexual activities, as the virus can be transferred to others through spit or blood. Patients usually die from progressive degeneration of the liver, cirrhosis. The severity of Hepatitis C is monitored through the blood tests which track the elevation in enzyme levels and viral counts.

Narada has not taken any conventional drugs for his hepatitis. In July, 2001, he began to take herbs from the Amazon Rain forest. However, he assigns his progress in overcoming hepatitis to the work that he has done at the Casa de Dom Inácio.

On his first visit, in March, 2001, the entity told Narada that he needed surgery that day. Narada was then faced with the decision about whether to do visible or non-visible surgery.

I wanted to experience the physical surgery. For me, it was an act of faith. So, I volunteered for visible surgery.

The process began when I was sitting in the surgery room waiting for the Entity. I began having visions for about half an hour which were very intense. I saw Jesus Christ amidst throngs of people. Radha and Krishna, the Divine couple who represent the female and male aspects of God, were there. So was the founder of the Hare Krishna movement, Srila Prabhupada.

Then, I was ushered into the Entity's room. I was already in an altered state, quite unaware of time and space and very relaxed. The Entity took my head in his hands, and before I knew it, he had a six inch long surgical tool up my nose and was twisting it. I felt no pain at all, but was aware that the procedure was happening. I had done spiritual practices which help me disassociate from my body for thirty-five years, so being detached from body sensations is not new for me.

Immediately after that procedure was over I was led to the assembly room. I had been given a mantra the day before in a dream, and I was repeating it to myself. 'Love protects. Love nourishes. Love heals. Love forgives. Love is grateful. Love is Divine.' As a result, I had very little fear.

I was standing against a wall in front of the assembly when the Entity used a surgical knife to make an incision in my lower abdomen. I had very little discomfort. I do remember the cut as a jolt to my nervous system, but my attention soon turned again to dramatic visions. I saw myself lying prone in front of God in the form of Radha and Krishna. Real tears of gratitude were streaming down my face.

The incision the Entity made was about three inches long and just below my liver. I bled only a few drops. The entity put his fingers in my body through the incision and moved his fingers around. I believe he was changing the energetic patterning in that area of my body. He did not take anything out of my body. After a minute or two, he removed his fingers, briefly wiped around the incision with a cloth, then, sewed it up with a few stitches.

After this surgery I felt enraptured in bliss for days. I rested and mediated in my room, then returned to participate in the current after 24 hours. The most important part of my healing process since that surgery has been sitting in current, meditating and praying on my own, and continuing taking the herbs prescribed by the Entity.

I have continued to receive unexpected gifts which have amplified the healing. For example, I was intensely curious about how João incorporates an Entity. I wanted to see it. One morning, I was standing in the assembly room during the orientation
. João came out of the current room, said a few words in Portuguese (which I don't understand) and then pointed at me. I came up to him. He took hold of one of my hands with both of his hands. I closed my eyes. In a few seconds, João the man, left his body and another Entity came into his body. I could feel the shift in the energy during the incorporation (as if he had been told that I wanted to experience it.) It is hard to describe what I felt during those seconds. Yes, there was a distinct energy. I felt transported to a causeless, non-judgemental love for all living things. He dropped my hand after less than a minute, and turned to the other people he was going to operate on. I stayed in the non-judgemental state of mind for a number of hours. I am sure it is this energy what helps transmute sickness.

In August, when I had my annual blood test, my enzyme level was in the normal range for the first time in five years, and the viral count had decreased 75%. I still have a way to go, as clinically I am not healed, but the results thus far border on a complete remission of symptoms. I also measure this through major differences in my energy level. I am able to do most things now, like take walks and do normal chores, where I was severely limited just a few months ago.

The second time I came to the Casa, it was in mid-summer, 2001. I brought some people with me and helped them in their healing. I was told I would be completely cured. I was also told that I am being prepared to do healing work with the entities. This is very exciting for me, and something I want to do.

This time (September 2001) I have seen the Entity once. He told me that my work is in the current room, and by giving to others I will be cured.

Narada and I met again in the Casa garden to speak about the terrorist attack on New York City and the Pentagon. I was struck by Narada's ease and joy in referring to his religious beliefs, and, at the same time, his willingness to converse and be open to my perspectives. Still, his certain alignment with his own perception infused everything he said. And, he did not hesitate to share this certainty with me - especially as it regards healing:

We have tremendous power in our minds which affects the body. Everything starts in seed form on a subtle (spiritual) platform. Every disease. Every joy. Everything. What one learns here at the Casa de Dom Inácio is that the spiritual and physical are deeply intertwined. We can effect physical change by doing spiritual work. We can study how spiritual work effects physical health here. We can integrate the physical with the spiritual, that is, truly become spiritual beings,with spiritual intentions, using the body as a vessel to do our work.