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Miracles Really Do Abound - Nancy Courtemanche, USA 


In 2004 a friend told me about seeing John of God in Brazil. He glowed with excitement!
"Do you want to go, Nancy?"
"Yes!" I answered.
But, I didn't go right away. Time passed.

I soon had a year of unexpected experiences that brought me great sorrow and grief. My father died suddenly. My son, Robb, who had suffered with Bipolar disorder died at age 29 from an accidental overdose. Then my mother died four months after my son. My life turned upside down.

Finally, in 2008, I decided to take the trip to see John of God. And at that point miracles began...

On a sunny day in March we boarded a plane to take the long flight from Northern California to Brasilia, Brazil. When we finally arrived at our pousada (inn) after our final leg of the trip, we were filled with anticipation, and happy to relax in this clean and simple place.

Wednesday morning soon came and we walked to John of God's sanctuary. We had been told to be in a quiet mood of "allowing" and "surrender" in relation to whatever our intent, our desire, our questions were that we would be presenting to "The Entity." Frankly, I felt overwhelmed with emotion and as I began to speak to the translator tears began to flow remembering that I was there to let go of my grief over my son's passing.

Just then, a dog I had never seen before walked right up to me and placed his head on my legs, as if to reassure me. It worked. I instantly felt grounded and so, my first "miracle" occurred with the help of an animal.

With our questions in hand my group and I made our way to the Gathering Room and waited for the Entity to "incorporate" with a high-intentioned spirit who would help us find answers to our questions and issues. When our line was called we began to walk through the Current Rooms to the Entity. The Entity saw me briefly and recommended I sit in meditation and prayer in the Current Room.

That is when the miracles really began to occur. Many sitting in this room are Mediums who are "helping" the Entity with his healing work. We became part of this healing energy and as we sat with legs and arms uncrossed, our eyes closed, so that the energy flowed freely through us, we began to experience love, joy, and peace.

And so it continued for the next few days: walking to the Casa, feeling joy and love everywhere, sitting in the Current Room, releasing the things that were holding us back , and later reflecting with friends about this amazing place.

One day we met up with a group of women to go to the sacred waterfall, a beautiful part of the Casa grounds. Many people come to the waterfall for further letting go and purification. So now was the time to let the powerful water wash away the last of the grief, sorrow, and feeling of loss for my son who died at such a young age. I realized that letting go of my son was the hardest thing I had ever done.

I knew my Guide and my friends were praying for me as I stepped into the cold, powerful water and felt it washing me clean. I found myself saying to my son in that moment: "Robb, I know you are happy now and so it's time for me to be happy again too. I have to let go of this grief now." Out of nowhere, but very close, came a deep belly laugh that I had not heard since Robb was a boy, before Bipolar disorder kicked in, and I heard Robb saying "Let it all go, Mom.!" With tears of joy I stepped into the water and felt it wash away the rest of the hurt, tears, grief, sorrow, loss. I watched as the water flowed under the bridge and knew that I would never be the same again.

Finally, while in the waterfall, I asked for the clarity to know what my service to God was to be...Just a few words came: "Your service will be taking a crystal healing bed home."

The crystal healing bed is an additional healing aspect of the work that begins with John of God and the Entities of the Casa to help with rejuvenation, alignment and balancing of the energy fields. Understanding the spiritual, financial, and physical commitment to offer the crystal healing bed to people came quickly and quite frankly, rocked my world a second time!

Reeling from the emotional release of grief and overwhelmed with this inner suggestion to take a crystal bed home, I returned, stunned, to join my group.

That night, while I was sleeping, a voice told me "You will be led." So, the next day, once again I stood in line to see John of God. This time I was emotional, filled with love and hope, that this "service" I had been asked to do would be blessed. As I stepped toward the Entity my knees buckled and I knelt in front of him. He looked at me gently, smiled, and said "It is all ready for you." And just like that it was done. I sat in his current and offered prayers of gratitude and willingness to serve.

After taking care of the details of payment, the helpers at the Casa packed up the crystal bed and I realized--another miracle had occurred. We were all joyous and the gratitude I felt was overwhelming. I felt so deeply "validated" by John of God.

A special man I had met one day at the Casa, Eduard, and I continued to run into each other at the Casa sessions and on the main Street. The love between us was unmistakable. One day after the current session I ran into the Casa Store to buy a rosary. My guidance said "No, buy two." At that point, I didn't argue anymore with my inner voice of guidance. I just bought two of them and left.

Within minutes, I ran into Eduard. I showed him the necklace and he told me he had been wanting to get one, too. Aha! "Eduard, I have two. Would you like one?" "Yes," he said softly, "if you put it on me." So I placed the necklace over his head and hugged him. He said softly: "Now you are my heart-mom." I asked him to put my necklace on me and whispered "Now you are my heart- son." Soft tears came to us as we realized the beauty of the moment.

Once I was able to "let go" of my grief for Robb, I realized my heart was like a hand that had been holding onto something for a very long time. I couldn't receive anything because, like the hand, it was closed. Once I opened my heart, like the hand, I could receive and God gave me the blessing of a heart- son in the form of Eduard. This was a tremendously powerful and tender lesson for me.

When I reflect back to March, 2008, and remember my time at the Casa, the tears still come. I feel so blessed to have experienced all of this. The surrender of grief, the gift of a heart- son, a new purpose and direction in service to God.

Eduard and I are still in touch almost daily via emails and the love only continues to grow. The crystal bed has been an awesome addition for my clients and has given me an additional opportunity to serve by telling others of the hope, healing, love and joy that can be experienced at the Casa. I have also returned to the Casa twice, bringing more of my friends with me.

Miracles really do abound.