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Mary's Story

Mary Burch

For the last 16 years I have been plagued with an "acute chemical sensitivity" - it was so bad that I had to wear a double thick charcoal mask whenever I went outside. Finally in January of the year 2001 I had a heart attack brought on by an overturned gasoline tanker in southern Florida. I spent several days in the hospital and there actually was nothing wrong with my heart except the chemicals would cause arithmas and also I have a left bundle branch block - brought on by toxicity to asthma medicine.

Around May of that year I received a email from a friend who had heard of john of god in Sweden. So I asked everyone I knew and purchased Mr. Pellegrino's book and prayed about it. Now understand this going to Brazil would not be easy for me with no ac and cars without emission controls - I could be a sitting duck for all kinds of chemicals least of all diesel fuel. There would be no hospital to run to if I had another problem. I started praying and meditating the first of June and put all in god's hands. I decided if it were to be all systems would point the way. My dear husband was visiting his daughter in Dallas so I had a lot of time to meditate and pray. Very soon I found out that a guide was right down the road from here in south Florida. I emailed Enzo Bertucci and long story short everything fell into place for me very quickly - I got a visa and passport and the next thing was I was on a plane the 14th of July 2001.

It was so other worldly for me. I could feel the energy as soon as we arrived at the pousada. I met João one day at the casa and it felt just like I knew him from before in my other life or somewhere. He hugged me and it seemed every day I would meet him somewhere around the neighbourhood, it was really strange.
The first time I went in front of the entity - he told me to have surgery on Friday and to sit in his current room - which I did - the tears of joy were non stop for an hour - I never expected that. I am just an ordinary person. But I felt so full of God's love, and just knew anything was possible.

The day of my surgery we filed into the room and sat on the bench. It was over in a flash - I put my hand over my heart and immediately had a strange bitter taste in my mouth - then it felt like a mild electric shock all over my chest and the right side of my neck felt like someone was poking me from the inside - lightly - no pain just a lot of movement in my chest and throat. Then both wrists felt strange (I was a baby nurse and through the years I had developed carpel tunnel in both wrists) I thought what a bonus they're healing my wrists as well. This all transpired very quickly and we were asked to leave - I could not get up I felt as though someone were holding me down - I struggled out the side door and flopped on the concrete ledge outside the door. Very soon two people came and took me to the hospital where a beautiful lady gave me a cold cloth for my face. There I started having visions of every one of my family members alive and dead who came around my bed and smiled down on me - it was pure ecstasy - the tears of joy poured out of my eyes and I lay there all afternoon. Much later Enzo found me and helped me back to my room. I rested there for about 24 hours. When I awoke I felt like a new person - so light and airy and so full of gratitude I was 66 years young then and I cannot ever remember feeling so much love in my entire life.

Very soon after that experience I went to the current room - it was empty so I sat and meditated for a few hours early in the morning. Very shortly a cleaning woman came in (I was very sensitive to bleach, ammonia and any cleaning stuff with a petroleum base) here she was with a bucket of hot water and a good deal of bleach - I could taste it. So I prayed and ignored it - nothing happened - I remember one time I flushed a toilet with bleach in it and was taken to the hospital with heart failure... Not only did it not bother me an hour later everyone came into the room and there were hundreds of people coming by the front of me - one lady threw up right in front of me and I just swung my feet around - two minutes later here came the lady with the bucket again and mopped it up with more hot water and bleach - it was amazing to me I guess God wanted me to know for sure that my sensitivity was gone, not only that but smoke really kills me (I have so much trouble breathing) I did not know all the cooking is done with a wood fire - yet it did not bother me. It was absolutely incredible how all these things never bothered me then or since.

I feel so free now it is as though god has given me back my breath. I am so thankful and grateful - I have told everyone about my experience I hope one day to go back. I have had not one occasion of sensitivity since I went there.

I am very blessed to sit at the front door of "Gilda's Club South Florida" I am the receptionist and program associate for the last five years. I see all the people come in with different stages of cancer - I have had 11 years cancer free, I am a survivor. So all in all I feel very blessed and hope by my story I can help someone else.
Truly yours, Mary Burch

P.S. My heart is in really good shape now !!! The cardiologist said it's getting better...