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Kira's Story

I want to share my story about my experience attending John of God's program in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006.

I was in deep distress and anxiety, overburdened with depression when I went to John of God in April 2006. I had moved back and forth across the country several times, driving all the way across the country a total of 14 times. I was back in my home town and trying to connect with my father who was aging. My mother told me I was unwelcome so I was afraid to go to see my father, yet I kept trying. I was in deep distress because a psychic had told me it would be best for me to live on the West Coast. Yet, whenever i lived there I suffered from loneliness and lack of finances and panic attacks. I kept trying my best to survive on my government disability check but had to move frequently and always felt that a room mate or landlord could oust me any time. I walked through my days like a zombie in deep depression.

I got evicted by the woman I was renting a room from right after i attended John of God. Luckily, a friend rented a room to me. I was afraid to go against the psychic's advice to live on the West Coast and was on the verge of insanity pushing myself to save money and move again and again. Some people were telling me to stay on the West Coast and others were saying for me to stay in my home town and I was in deep despair. Finally, after driving back to the West Coast twice, I decided to meditate and ignore my landlord's advice to stay. I drove all the way back to the East Coast and, then, my miracle happened. My physician father generously made me a homeowner.

In February 2007 I began living in my own adorable studio. I am free over worry and beginning to develop my painting and writing talent. I've found a meditation group and made some wonderful, loving friends and am much more relaxed, confident, stable and secure. I had been surviving with post traumatic stress disorder since 1982. I now feel the most stable and safe i have ever felt and my love of life and vitality has returned.

Thank you John of God for the miracle of healing. I had a wonderful time at the Atlanta event. I am so blessed. I send my love to everyone who is involved in this divine spiritual mission.

Love and light
Kira Davidson