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Official Casa Guide

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Preface to the 2016 Casa Guide Edition

The intention of this guide is to simplify and clarify all the many rules and procedures in place at the Casa de Dom Inacio. Most of these rules have been handed down from the entities over years of work. Over time there have been many changes to existing rules and we expect that there will be many more in the future.

Although we have made every effort to include all rules and procedures, we may have omitted some. If you found something missing or have a comment or suggestion, please feel free to email us at Although we will not be able to respond to every email, be sure that we will review every suggestion and consider it for inclusion into the next edition. If you love this book and want to send your moral support, please simply say a prayer of thanks to Dom Inacio.

We are grateful to those of you who contributed your comments, insights and time to this second edition. Thank you for helping make this guide clearer and more useable.


Whether you are here seeking physical healing, asking for help in your life or following your spiritual development this guide is intended to help you get the most out of your time at the Casa de Dom Inacio and hopefully make your visit enjoyable as well as fruitful. The rules and guidelines here described are defined by the entities of the Casa. From time to time these rules are changed and we will make every effort to update this information in new editions. When you arrive in Abadiania it is always a good idea to go to the Tuesday evening introductory talk at the Casa. Even if you are an old timer, this is the perfect place to get acquainted with the latest changes in protocol or procedures. In general terms, the way to get the best out of your journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio is to cultivate a space of inward focus and prayer. Be respectful of others and be ready to surrender to the work that is yours to do.

2016 Casa Guide update summary

1. Water fall - You must wait 72 hours after an intervention to go the waterfall

2. Returning to See the Entity after Intervention. After an Intervention you must wait until the revision line to see the entity. (You can return to current on the third session after the session in which you had an intervention.)

3. Intervention and Bye-Bye. If you have an intervention on Wednesday or Thursday of your last week in Abadiânia you can go to the Bye-Bye line on Friday.

4. Line Tickets. Tickets for the lines are only distributed until 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM for the morning and afternoon sessions respectively. If you want to go to the line get your ticket at the bookstore before then.

5. Entire Lines for Intervention. If the entity orders your line to intervention, that is the answer to your request or issue and you should go to the intervention. Your line will not be called after this.

6. Interventions by Invitation. If the entity invites anyone in your line who wants an intervention to go in. You must choose if you want an intervention or not. If you do not, stay in the hall and the line will be called later to go before the entity.

7. Order of Passiflora Prescriptions. Passiflora prescriptions received in one of the lines, or by photo, must now be taken in the order they were prescribed.

8. Soup – You may now to stay for soup after an intervention. However, you must pay attention to your physical wellbeing. If you feel dizzy or experience nausea you should go to your hotel to rest.

9. Mobile Phones and Cameras – No mobile phones or cameras allowed in the main hall or the current rooms during casa activities.