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Official Casa Guide - Intervention

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What it means

The entities have scheduled you for a spiritual Intervention because they see this as the best way to take care of your concerns. This could be Intervention to resolve a current physical ailment, Intervention to affect your energy in order to resolve a future health problem or Intervention to clear some spiritual issue that is affecting your life and your mission. Regardless, you are scheduled for an invisible intervention and here are some things you should know.

How to prepare

Although there are no specific rules to prepare for Intervention, you should be careful not to eat too much, do anything straining or be socializing too much. This is probably a good time to be introspective and review in your mind the things that you asked for help with. Take note of any feelings and images that come to you in relation to your issue.Try to arrive at the Casa in a tranquil state so you can facilitate concentration when it is time for Intervention. Do not wear a watch or anything tight around your waist,. Try not to have any straps across your heart either. It is probably best not to bring a lot of items with you (Bags, backpacks, etc.). Remember to bring your room key and some money to buy Herbs and to cover your taxi back to the Pousada.

The Intervention line

You will wait for some time in the main hall. This will be an excellent time to renew your prayers to God and the entities for help with your needs. Try to be quiet inwardly as well as outwardly until the Intervention line is called.

The Intervention

After the Intervention line is called, You will be led into the room where the Intervention will take place. Sit down and find a comfortable posture. Close your eyes and place your right hand over the physical aliment you are asking to be treated. If you are not sure what the Intervention is for or if there is more than one issue, then place your right handon your heart. These instructions will be repeated in both Portuguese and English before the Intervention starts. You will be give a herbal supplement recommendation when you go in for Intervention, please refer to the section on herbal supplement recommendations for instructions on how to take the herbal supplement. During your Intervention you will sit silently for anywhere from ten to forty five minutes. While some of the room monitors direct your prayers, try to go inward and surrender to the process.Some people feel like they are being touched, others feel stitches, some feel heat andsome may feel very emotional some others may not feel anything. All of this is normal and the differences will not affect the outcome of the Intervention.

After the Intervention is complete

You will be instructed to leave the room and you will be led to an area for a small talk about your Intervention and what to do. Please pay close attention to what you are told. The fact that you felt nothing and you now feel energized does not mean you do not have major changes inside your body. You may feel euphoric because of the spiritual energy, but you should be very careful to follow the rules and treat yourself as if you had just come out of the operating room in a hospital.

Post Intervention Guidelines

Rest, Rest, Rest and then Rest some more. Take a taxi back to your recovery room (Pousada) and rest for at least 24 hours. More if you feel you need it. Do not lift anything heavy, do not stay in the sun, do not socialize. Go back to bed and sleep. If you cannot sleep, then pretend to sleep. It is best to ask a friend to bring food to your room rather than going to eat and risking getting sidetracked into an interesting conversation for two hours.

Do not go back to the main hall or the current rooms for 24 hours. Your energy field is very open after an intervention and it can be affected by the many processes that go on in the current rooms and in the main hall. If you have a crystal bath scheduled, you can take a taxi and do your crystal bath then return to your room in a taxi and stay there until the 24 hours are up.

If you are traveling within a week after Intervention, do not lift your own bags, have your taxi driver put them in the cab, at the airport have them place your bags in a cart and have the airline folks place your bags on the conveyer. Remember to follow all the rules mentioned before. No exercise or strenuous activities for 8 days etc.

No sex for how many days? After you have had Intervention you should not have a rise in sexual energy for forty (40) days if it is your first Intervention and eight (8) days if you have previously had Intervention at the Casa. (If you have two surgeries in a row, the forty days counts from the date of the first Intervention and you do not add more days.) This means no sexual stimulation of any kind. If your sexual energies rise, they will interfere with the subtle energies of the Intervention. This is serious, please enlist the help of your mate to help you keep this rule. There have been many people who have had to rush back to Abadiania because their condition worsened after they broke this rule. The rise in Sexual energy is a very potent energy and it can affect the subtle processes that are taking place within you.


On the seventh night after your intervention (If you had Intervention on Wednesday, that is Tuesday night, if your Intervention was Friday, then it is on Thursday night.) Go to bed in white clothes no later than midnight and do not wake before five AM. When you go to bed, place a glass of blessed water by your bedside and ask Dom Inacio de Loyola to remove any spiritual stitches and complement your intervention. In the morning when you wake up say a prayer and drink the water. Do this whether you are in Abadiania or not. If you are in Abadiania, then come to the revision line the next day; if you are not, plan to go to the revision line when you come back to Abadiania. (Before any other line)

Special Interventions

Interventions for the eyes. If you have had an intervention for your eyes, visible or invisible, in addition to following the normal rules for interventions, please refrain form reading, writing watching television or using your computer for eight days. Surrogate Intervention. If you are representing someone else during an intervention, follow all the normal procedures except you want to place your hand on the person’s photograph. Then have them follow all the post intervention procedures. You should go rest for the remainder of the session and only come back to the Casa for the following session.