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Official Casa Guide - Herbal Supplements

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The herbal supplements at the Casa are all composed of Passiflora. These are the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passion fruit plant. The herb has no medicinal value. It's action may be equivalent to that of a cup of herbal tea. The power of the supplement is in the energy the entity has placed in your specific supplement. The herbs that were recommended for you are only for you and nobody else.

Where to get it and how to take it. You may purchase the supplements at the pharmacy windows close to the main entrance of the Casa. You should open one vial first and take one pill three times a day. You should finish one vial before you open the next one.

Recommended Diet

During the time you are taking the passiflora refrain from eating pork or its derivatives, drinking alcohol or eating anything that contains pepper. (Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers etc.) (Sweet bell pepper are OK) If you receive more than one supplement recommendation, please see appendix F "What to do if I receive multiple recommendations."