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Gena's Story

My name is Gena Wilson and I was blessed to see Medium John at the Omega institute in Sept. of 2011.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and had the lump removed. In 2009 another lump appeared in the same breast. I treated it alternatively since 2005 as I never had radiation or chemo. I have been taking herbs and anti-cancer alternative meds since then through a medical Doctor who is holistic and does not do any traditional methods. I was told to become a vegetarian which I did for about 6 months but could not sustain that life style.

Medium John was my Ace in the whole, as I totally believe in healing and miracles. I know that Medium John is the channel for God's healing light and Grace and I am very grateful for his gift and thank God daily for my own healing.

I am also a psychic/medium and Reiki Master so I have been working on myself for years to heal and of course when this happened I had to review my own life and issues as to why I created this dis-ease in my body. The love of my life transitioned in 2000 and I wanted to go be with him for the first 5 years. I believe I created this issue to go but now have chosen to stay here and finish my journey. I could feel Medium John's amazing loving, healing God energy so strong in his presence and for days after being with him in New York. I felt his entities working on me every night for the first 3 weeks or so after the initial experience.

It is in the last month that I noticed some significant changes to the site where the tumor is. First off I had a tiny scar at the site of the tumor from the biopsy in 2009 and could feel the lump in my right breast. Otherwise I felt good and healthy with minor health issues. For the last month or so I felt as if the tumor was trying to bust out of my breast and it actually hurt at times which was kinda scary but I prayed daily and believed in the healing. Also and really interesting is that the original site where the scar was changed dramatically. It looks like a big nasty prune but is dry. I was scheduled to see my Doctor for a follow-up visit and I went on December 15th, 2011. He looked at the site and said to me this looks like it is healing. He did a thermography and said there was no heat in that area. He felt my breasts and said a cancerous breast feels different and that both my breasts felt normal and the tumor is totally contained in one area. He knew of Medium John and also believes in healing but said that this should not be happening and that what was happening to my breast was an oddity for sure. He is so pleased and happy for me and hugged me when I left but wants to see me in 6 weeks to see how this is going. I am so thankful for this healing from God through Medium John and all the entities who work through him. I feel so very blessed and feel confident that I am healed.

Gena Wilson, LCSW