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Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section 'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'

Here are some of the replies which we have received to date:

"I had a great experience during both visits."

"Fantastic - I am going back."

"Amazing and beyond my understanding and expectations. Profoundly personal healings, both physical and spiritual. As I read the comments of others below, tears of joy and gratitude flood my eyes. All I can think of is going back - and I will in the spring. The energy and presence of the Casa is in my heart now and I am forever grateful. Obrigada, obrigada, obrigada,"
Nadja, US

"During our visit to Brazil, João asked me what I did for a living and I told him that I was in sales at a university. He said (through an interpreter) "You are a tremendously powerful medium and healer and that is what you are supposed to be doing." I was very surprised. He also told me that I was functioning at 10% and that he would open me up. On my second visit 3 months later, he said "We are happy with your progress, Don't be afraid, we are with you always. We will heal through you in the United States, and come back." I have been back to Brazil many times now. I am officially a Medium of the House of Dom Inacio. I return to the House at least twice each year to channel energy. Needless to say......the experience changed my life!"
Cynthia, US

"It is so important that I will return at least once a year, for the following years"
Luis Alfredo, Argentina

"Otimo. Mudo a minha vida."
Jim, USA

"A wonderful experience that I will never forget"
Sarah, Australia

"Out of this World!"
Carolyn, Canada

"An absolutely beautiful, spiritual experience."
Ron, US

"Amazing. Impossible to describe. So much care and love. What else we need?" Misha, Norway

"Very spiritually uplifting"
Rebecca, US

"It has definitely changed my life, my outlook and the way I live. Of the 3 requests I made of the Entities, one has been resoundingly answered. I no longer have any sign of the depression that has plagued me all my life, one I have had 'information' about and the other is yet to come, but i have no doubt whatsoever that they're working on it and it will come to pass. I have found my tribe and I now know the truth. I no long have any fear. There is no repayment that I can give to the people of the Casa and the Entities of Light. I am learning Portuguese, for when I go back, I think I am going to stay a while. Thank you so much ... every day ... from my heart and soul."
Shayne, New Zealand

"A very stimulating and rewarding two weeks"
Geoffrey, UK

"Very enlightening"
Chris, UK

"An excellent way to find the GOD within"
David, UK

Phyllis, US

"Deeply powerful and loving. Profound"
Clarissa, US

"A very rewarding and spiritual experience providing a permanent cure of my medical condition. I am returning for my 4th visit to the Casa October 22nd 2003 and intend staying at least 3 weeks."
Ronald, Hawaii

"Life changing"
Shayne, New Zealand

"I really love the Casa and the work they are doing and plan to return next month. What a blessing for me. Thank you."
Amy, USA

"A life changing experience, greatly enhancing my spiritual faith and belief."
Paul, UK

"It was everything I hoped for and expected. I am waiting for my healing which Dr. Augusto said would happen ... but he added that it would take some time."
Bill, USA

"Incredibly life changing"
Anonymous, USA

"I loved it, I will never be the same!! That's a good thing...I feel like I am supPosed to be near the Casa and somehow be a part of it...I'm still waiting to understand what that means...nothing in my life is making sense anymore...all I can think about is coming back. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness, Lynette"
Lynette, USA

"Deeply peaceful once the releaser work was done and the thought of who wouldn't want to die if this is what is awaiting us?."
Paula, USA

"Felt good. I have experienced miracles before and I believe in more miracles with my son. So, I am a believer that John of God is doing God's work and my son and my family will heal"
Raji, USA

"My experiences at the Casa are overall, wonderful. My plans are to spend weeks/months each year in Abadiania."
Yael, USA

"I love my experience. I am coming back as soon as I can. Thank you..."
Rosalie, USA

"Much learning and confirmation received. I am returning in July for 2 weeks. Wonderful plane of existence for true love."
Madelyn, USA

Milton, Brazil

"I was truely enchanted. The entities pulled me out of line and told me to get a badge, so, as you may well understand, I had a lot of work to do after that. I sat in current most of my stay. I was priviledged to have to take care of a very seriously ill person in a wheelchair who needed oxygen every minute of every day and night. This got me into the operating room from day one and into the Entity room (looks like) forever. I felt very happy to be there at the Casa. In reality, Robert, Cathrine and Arturo were taking care of our group at the Casa and giving assistence in the evenings at our pousada. We were well taken care of. The atmosphere around the Casa is very powerful and being within the work going on is illuminating and releasing. It is a very healing place. At one point the Entity put up his right hand up and told me he would help me. I had only asked to feelworthy of a healthy life"
Gary, Brazil

Margaret, Australia

Maryann, US

"Extraordinary. Just the fact that money is not a condition or is requested, that all creeds are welcome and that everybody is sharing in this help. That is outstanding. Wherever you go (and I have been to many spiritual centers all over the world), they push money and a certain belief system. How refreshing and uncontaminated is the Casa!!!!! Can`t wait to go back!!"
Albert, US

"Very rewarding and beneficial, physically and spiritually."
Gloria, US

"The time I spent at La Casa was the most incredible, healing, and fantastic time of my life. As one who works in the healing field, I truly saw and personally experienced the power of the invisible working through everyone and everything there. I was with two other people on an independent trip and I have never been able to fully convey how impactful that trip has been in my life. I am still resonating with the healing powers and entities that I connected with. I know that this is the true "medical community" and it is my heart's desire to return to continue to embody the healing energies at a greater level. What I experienced there reinforced everything that I have been taught and use in my everyday life. This experience has allowed me to know and to see that there is a world community where I can go to assist with and benefit from such magnificent work. This is truly a blessing.Thank you and blessings to all who I met and who were so kind to me during my visit. Also, thanks to you at this web-site for providing me with the place and opportunity to share my feelings."
Cynthia, US

"Out of this world"
Anton, US

"Supportive far beyond any expectation"
G.F., Canada

"I'm still trying to come to terms with it all. I had two visibles, one of them the nose job, and I'm still trying to get my head around it all. I want to tell the whole world, but feel I have to tread very carefully as I really don't have the answers for all the skeptics out there. It was a very moving experience and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to visit The Casa."
Susie, UK

"Visiting the casa, and being a part of it all, was an extraordinary experience which I won't forget for the rest of my life. Being at the casa, is an experience which can not be explained in words, all I know is that after being there, I am now a better more peacful person and I can not wait to come back for another visit."
Mehrnoosh, US

"Great energy, great people, wonderful staff to help you, amazing stories going around. A bit overwhelming, but you come away from this place with a great smile on your face and an open heart. A blessing to be able to go and be treated with this love. Surgeries have so far not shown affect on me unfortunately and I hope that it is not stopped or too late now. But my main goal was to work on myself spiritually and this seems to have had a positive effect on me."
Thomas, Sweden

"I enjoyed the atmosphere of the casa. I was blown away by what happened."
Cathy, US

"Incredibly wonderful and fulfilling"
Susan, US

"A major spiritual opening, much emotional growth, a profound shift in my life's direction, and - as of yet - no change in my physical condition. This latter has been very disappointing, but I am trying to have faith in the integrity of my healing process, even though I may not understand it right now!"
Katherine, US

"Triggered a shift in my energy for purposefulness and mission fulfillement. Also a shift in my internal energy towards powerful serenity".
Nathalie, US

"A fantastic experience, practically impossible to put into words. A wonderful feeling of love, compassion, understanding and spiritual presence emanates from the casa. I can't wait to return".
Colette, Ireland

"Worth the trip. The Entities were quite accomodating and filled my spiritual needs without much help by those on the physical plane. I am filled with gratitude".
Bill, US

"Amazing and life changing."
Jack, US

"Life changing ".
Leslie, US

"It was really wonderful! I met so many great and loving people. The Casa has a wonderful vibration. It was quite easy to fall into a deep meditation (once I stopped squirming after the first day). This is a noticable vibration I can feel when places have a lot of love around. Our Pousada Luz Divine and Santa Rita were both really great with wonderful hosts. Extra activities such as prayer groups and Luz Divine's Saturday night peace group were especially good to keep focus on the remaining weekdays. Absolutely lovely!"
Michele, US

"The most incredible jouney of my life - changed my perception of reality forever and has enabled me to believe that with an open heart and an open mind, literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! "
Jane, Australia

"Deeply and profoundly healing. Life altering and spiritually beyond my vocabulary."
Karen, US

Eliane, US

"Very positive. I have been doing well since my return."
Barbara, US

"It saved my life. My story is as surprising as any. I am in such gratitude."
Skip, US

"Wonderful! I'll be back".
Sharon, US

"Hard to explain, Interesting. I am drawn to return, but do not know the reason why."
Graham, Australia

"Wonderful. Nurturing. Time loses relevance. Very healing and loving".
David, US

"An amazing experience".
Ann, UK

"Totally life changing. A spiritual experience like no other".
Anna, Malta

Irene, Argentina

"SUM it up??? Oh, THAT'S not fair! Ha-Ha!!! Incredible, awesome. For me, it was life changing. Life changing.........".
Paulette, US

"Each time, it has been remarkable. Incredible connections with people through the heart and wonderful healings. This is truly a place of Spirit".
Barbara, US

"Uma experiencia unica, a repetir o mais breve possivel".
Francisco, Portugal

"Heaven on Earth".
Euripides, US

"Good, spiritual".
Gil, Switzerland

"Completely earth shattering and magnificent ".
Mary, US

"A very special spiritual experience, a cleansing cure in all bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual a nice place and conditions to open my heart (by seeing others, exchange of experience with them, getting a dip inside a love sea)".
Sylvie, Canada

"Real and a blessing".
Jane, Kenya

"Wonderful beyond belief - but not especially easy to be there at all times".
Faith, US

"My experience was extra-ordinary and there isn't one bit of it I would change. I learned so much about myself. Miraculous".
Kristina, US

"It was a wonderful experience for me. I loved being there. I felt so nurtured, comfortable, etc. I am much healthier than I was when I left home. I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful to John of God and to all of the people who work at the Casa and to the people of Abadiânia.".
Jill, US

Amy, US

"Unforgettable. Fantastic".
Alison, Australia

"Regardless of esperiencing an "instantaneous healing" or not, just being among this community, the people of abadania, La Casa, Joao, and those who are drawn there is enough to fill you with an experience of love and joy very hard to find anywhere else. Hopeful, light, intense at times, moments of disappointment ... moments of my own intellectual war vs. my intuitional faith ... overall learned the lesson that I need to open my heart to receiving healing and to love myself. Will definitely be returning as soon as I can".
Jennifer, US

"Very useful and unbelievable".

"A profoundly spiritual experience".
Lynn, US

"I and my wife and daughter, who visited with me and both of whom had invisible operations, found the whole experience very impressive and rewarding - particularly hearing the experiences of so many fellow visitors who had operations, often for complicated problems and who had made a very speedy recovery. I have since recommended visits to friends and family both in Brazil, England and elsewhere. My wife and I will be returning in March. ".
Richard, Brazil

"Great - one week wasn't enough".
Karen, US

"Phenomenal, the best 2 weeks of my life. I would love to live there and assist the Entities and the work at the Casa.".
Brian, US

"Nurturing, caring, although my physical condition and pain have not improved a bit. But I am still hopeful".
Regina, US

"A very wonderful experience ! I want to be patient and wait for the results. I shall come back in November to go on curing myself with the entities".
Danièle, France

Treasa, Ireland

"I miss the people that I have met at the Casa! UNBELIEVABLE"
Carol, Canada

"The most remarkable sum of experiences I have had - a true path to my spiritual growth and increasing my ability to know and be love."
Kelda, Scotland

"Like coming home"
David, Scotland

"Awesome, wonderful, dramatic, healing, sublime"
Phyllis, USA

"The Casa is a place where I met the bravest souls ever. It is a place where hope is kept alive even when there seems to be no hope. The Casa gave me hope and faith that I would get better. It helped me turn something very painful into a learning experience that helped me grow and change so much over the past two years. I received a lot of healing while I was there from João and the Entities and feel very thankful and grateful for this. The Casa (the people and place) has the most positive and supportive energy and community that I have found anywhere. My experience while I was there was a rollercoaster ride, fluctuating between hope and doubt. I think this is a normal first reaction. Even though I was severely depressed before I left for my last trip to Brazil, I could barely function, while at the Casa I felt almost back to my old self again. I was able to make friends and laugh and have hope again. I will go back next month, God willing, and I am excited for my return!"
Nina, USA

"I felt tremendous spiritual healing and wholeness while visiting the Casa. These feelings have stayed with me since my return".
Lynn, USA

"Loving. Peaceful. Interesting. I am still processing the experience so, at the moment I can not say more".
Karen, USA

"Life changing. We will be back this year for another month".
Roy, USA