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Eliza's Story

In May 2011 I went to Abadiania, Brazil to see Joao de Deus. I had been using a reclining wheelchair for 3 ½ years and before that was laid up in bed for 3 ½ years. I had been diagnosed with Arachnoiditis, a degenerative neurological condition with no cure in sight. I was living my life in chronic pain and with numerous physical limitations.

As a result of my one non-physical surgery by Joao de Deus I am no longer using the wheelchair, am able to walk nearly ½ mile and can sit in a regular chair (previously I had to recline at all times when sitting).

Six years ago my dear mother heard about Joao de Deus. She had been trying to convince me to go to Abadiania, but I was very skeptical. She was very persistent with her suggestion that I go and see Joao de Deus. In 2007 after I was diagnosed with Arachnoiditis I started to think about alternative means of treatment, but was still too skeptical to go to see Joao. In 2010 my mother asked me, "Do you like living your life in chronic pain and in the wheelchair? What's your plan?" Her question jarred me for the first time. I finally agreed to go to see Joao de Deus, but I still had the hurdle of my skepticism. My father suggested that I pray to have my mind and heart open to whatever may come of the treatments. For three months before I went to Brazil I prayed to have my heart and mind opened to the possibility of being healed. By the time I got to Abadiania I was feeling more open. Before I saw Joao de Deus I met several people at my pousada who had actually been healed. This helped me to be open to believing that I too could be helped.

The blessings I have received have enabled me to live my life again with much less physical pain. It is going to take time to adjust to my new life. To anyone considering going to see Joao de Deus I would say that you don't have to believe. The only requirement is to have an open mind. I am eternally grateful to Joao and the family of the Casa.

Muito Obrigado,