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41 Years of Anxiety/Depression -- Replaced By Love!!

My name is Eddie Hansen. I live in Tampa Florida, USA. This is my personal experience. After 30 days from returning from Abadiania - this story is absolutely true and ongoing - I am healing physically and mentally every day. Anxiety and depression/has been replaced by love!

Brief history of why I went to John of God.

I had a drinking problem in my early teens. By the time I was 16 I was totally hooked. I had no idea who I was and felt very uncomfortable socializing with anyone unless I was drinking. At age 19 I had an upper neck injury and combined with the anxiety and depression, I had a nervous breakdown. Treatment at that time was electrical shock treatments, of which I had 8. When I walked out of the hospital I felt like every nerve in my body had been pulled out and put back in wrong. I was dealing with a nervous system that was totally foreign to me. If I thought my life was bad before the breakdown, it was now infinitely worse. Over the years the only comfort I got was from drinking and drugs. The anxiety depression was a constant in my life. I never had any peace. I was not comfortable around people. I always felt terrible and felt so alienated from this world. I've been in and out of AA and NA the last 29 years. It helped, it helped a lot but there was still never any real lasting peace. God was so elusive. I'm 61 years old now and all I wanted now was peace. Life had become a 50-50 proposition for me. I didn't really care if I lived or died but the thought of living another 20 years in this neurological and mental hell was overwhelming. Nancy, a very good friend of mine told me there was a show on Oprah Winfrey that I might be interested in. I called her after watching the show and asked her when are we going. The show was about John of God. I did believe that there were people out there who were able to tap into the power of the healing force of God but I thought they were 1 in a billion. After watching Oprah show I thought John of God was one of those but honestly I really didn't think it would work for me. But I was desperate and had to give it a try. Below is my experience.

I had two surgeries with John of God. The first one was nothing like the second one. The first one we sat in a meditative position and John of God came into the three different rooms and said something in Portuguese. I believe it was a prayer. That was Wednesday afternoon. I did not notice anything much different until Friday a.m. I went to the Casa and was meditating for about 30 minutes and then I felt this wonderful peace and a physical and mental letting go. This stayed pretty constant until the following Thursday when I had my second surgery. This was completely different from the first.

I was scheduled for two o'clock surgery. We were instructed to place our hand over our heart. But they also said you could place your hand on where you wanted the surgery. I sat with my hand over my heart for about 30 minutes. I was not feeling anything but quietness. Then I decided to put my hand over the parts of my body that I felt I needed surgery on. I first put my hand over my right eye and then my face - ? - Why I did that I don't know. Also all over the base of my skull, upper left shoulder and lower back. I was not in a meditative state, just quiet. Almost immediately after touching, where I thought I might need surgery, I noticed a small twitch in my upper left cheek and then it spread throughout my whole face. Almost instantly my whole face became contorted. Every part of my face was in violent spasm, my lips, my nose. My entire face was in violent contortion and when I use the word ‘violent' I absolutely do not mean that in a bad way. There was absolutely no pain. I instinctively knew it was a good thing. Then my right arm and left arm started to jerk up and down violently, like somebody having a grand mal seizure. I was totally calm inside and overwhelmed that something that I had absolutely no understanding of what is happening. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes. I did not hear the monitor say it was time to leave. I opened my eyes. My arms were still shaking violently. The facial contortions had stopped. When I went to get up, I fell back down. I was so very weak. I finally got up. My left hand had stopped shaking to some degree but my right arm was still shaking badly. I stepped outside. I slipped again. A lady caught me and she helped me up the step to where after surgery instructions were given. My right arm was still shaking like before as the instructions were given. This lasted about another 10 minutes more. Everyone had left except the interpreter. He asked me if I was okay. I said yes, that nothing like this has ever happened. He got me a glass of water and he asked me again if I was sure I was okay. I knew I was okay. I was too weak to get my prescription filled. So I walked directly to the cab and was driven to my pousada.

When I got back to my pousada I laid down in absolute amazement of what had just happened. I fell in and out of sleep for the next 23 hours but mostly awake. You're supposed to stay in bed 24 hours with your eyes closed. I was feeling so weak and still in wonderment of what was going on but as time passed I was getting disappointed because I was not feeling anything except weakness. But then on the 23rd hour I started feeling this stillness and openness at the base of my skull where my spine connects, like some sort of - all I can say it was very still and very peaceful -- and feeling of healing. The gratitude started to well up in me and started to feel so peaceful inside and then that thought spread to everyone and then the feeling of God came in.

As of this writing it has been nine days since my surgery. Things have gotten better daily. Absolutely nothing in 41 years has ever worked for me. It was a neurological and mental nightmare. Physically my body is letting go every minute. Also mentally I feel so happy and so full of joy, my heart is filled with love. My fear of people is vanishing daily. This is absolutely a true miracle!! I know God's hand has truly worked a miracle in my life through John of God. A special thanks to my dearest friend Nancy who led me to this wonderful healer. To anyone who may read this - if you have a physical or mental problem, please come see this wonderful man. It does not matter if you believe or not. He is legitimate and he is for real. I wish everyone all the love and peace that I'm finding.