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Distant Healings - Article by Grainne McEntee

This is an extraordinary true story proving to us all once again of the power of God & of the inexplicable healings that are happening not only at the Casa de Dom Ignacio here in Abadiania but also at a distance through the Entities. Here is some background information about surrogate surgeries. A surrogate person can sit in for you at the designated time for surgeries in the operations room at the Casa.

The procedure for asking foran operation is as follows. Your recent photo is presented to John of God in Entity and a request for surgery is made by the person who is going to represent you at surgery time. It is solely at the discretion of the Entity that this request is granted.

A few months backI did a surrogate surgery for a lady in the USA. She has never been to the Casa. There has been a lot more interest in this form of distant healing since Wayne Dyer, the famous American self help & motivational speaker was cured of leukemia through a surrogate surgery performed here at the Casa. This was documented on an Oprah show aired in the USA earlier this year.

Kristenwas requesting a distance healing for MS. I asked for permission to do this work & we were allowed to proceed with the surrogate surgery. Everyone is different and there are as many experiences as there are people on the planet. As soon as you ask for help the Entities rally to your cause and start helping you immediately. Kristen prepared in the USA & was ready to lay down for 24hours, while I brought her photo & details into the operation room at the Casa. The surgery at the Casa lasted approximately a half hour. Kristen remained in bed for the designated 24 hours thousands of miles away in the USA. In her own words this is what happened next.

"Thank you for the most amazing experience ever! As you know I had my surgery with John of God Tuesday, April 18, 2012. It was due to start at 2pm and I was still wide awake at 1:58 pm. All of a sudden, something pricked my left pointer finger, like a pin, and I was in the deepest sleep of my life from 2-5. I first saw a white background with an outline of a man standing over me. It was very peaceful. I got peaceful loving messages about my life and family. Toward the end I was just sitting outside at a beautiful concert. When I woke up I slowly took 5 steps which is the first time in years. My Mom witnessed and started to cry. The main message I got was that I will walk again and it is 100% for certain. Just yesterday I noticed stitches on my neck. They are black threads that are about 2 inches long in a sewing fashion.

At first I though it was pen so I took a cloth and gently try to wash it. It did not come off. I ran my finger over them gently, and felt the stitches!!!!! This is amazing. I have gunk coming out of my eyes as well, which never happened before. I am walking and doing much better already however I have never been so tired in my life! I wake up do some chores and then go back to a deep sleep for hours. I am so grateful! I am so amazed! I am so speechless. This is so real. I am eternally grateful. I have been through hell with Multiple Sclerosis however I never lost my faith, not once.

Through God all things are possible. I am so grateful. Interestingly enough, all my problems with MS show up on the MRI on my neck. All the lesions are there and that is where the stitches are!"

After receiving Kristen's email I was stunned. Having done countless surrogate surgery's this had never happened before in my experience. I have since learned that this does happen quite a lot!!!! I was excited tohear aboutthe revision & the stitches on the 7th night. Kristen informed me that the stitchesdisappeared on the revision night. She work up in the morning & they were gone.

It's difficult for us humans to get our small minds around phenomena such as this.

The hand of God is everywhere & there are miracles happening all around us all the time. The good news is that increasingly we are seeinga spiritual awakening right across the globe, gathering momentum.&our awareness is growing .

I keep coming back to the words of Dom Ignacio

For those who believe no proof necessary, For those who do not believe no amount of proof is sufficient.

*Visit the list of guides who travel to the Casa for more information about surrogate surgeries. Individuals need special approval from the Entity to act as a surrogate.


Many people have commented this year in particular about how they are feeling the energy rising right across the globe & especially here in Abadiania where the veil is much thinner.

God is everywhere. The Entities know no borders boundaries or time & space. Below are most testaments to the Divine Power revealing itself increasingly as we all grow together in love & light.

I did a surgery for this lady a few weeks ago & these are her own words.

"Thank you so much. I really am so grateful. Thank you just doesn't really express my sentiment. I wanted to reach out you sooner but l did not want to read or use the computer. Until after the week was up. I must say that was indeed a most powerful and profound healing experience

The entities arrived right on cue and put me in a deep trance state but I could feel them working on my crown chakra and root chakra. It took a little over 48 hours for me to emerge from my bed and begin to move about. I literally slept for two days. Because of the neurological problems l couldn't lay down but l laid comfortably for two days and the head pain has once again disappeared

This healing is transformative. I feel absolutely rejuvenated. Prior to the healing, I was in so much despair and pain. I feel 100% better!!!!!! The healing was just as powerful as when I was there, Perhaps even more so because I was resting comfortably in my own surroundings. Yes absolutely divine. I feel so blessed. Again, Thank You for being and providing the profound healing, light and inspiration in the current and as a surrogate".

*Visit the list of guides who travel to the Casa for more information about surrogate surgeries. Individuals need special approval from the Entity to act as a surrogate.

Below is a spectacular realization of the Divine power at work in our lives .

I simply showed this lady & her sons photo to the Entity a few weeks back. In this instance there was no surrogate surgery. The entity recommended herbs for the mother. These too are her own words

"I have felt the intervention. From moments of illumination to moments of despair. My son too has been up and down. I had an amazing occurrence last week. Randy had sent me a JOG hand crystal to place beneath my sons bed. I did and during the night he awoke screaming in pain. (his head) I got him a cup of medication to take which he refused. The cup of medicine sat on the bed table for the rest of the night- about 5 feet from where the crystal was. In the morning I went to get the unused medicine and the image of the crystal had been imprinted on the surface of the medication. I have attached a picture of the crystal and the imprinted medicine. I know this was a message from the entities- amazing!!!"