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Dawn's Story

Dear Friends of the Casa,

In June 06, I came to the Casa. I spent 2 weeks there with my son (10 years old). I had Surgery and he cared for me. I did not speak the language. I had no problems except that I did not get my luggage until I was returning home. From a Man named Angel no less.

I came back and my Hepatitis C was gone the western doctors said that I was one of the 2% of the worlds people that been documented that has had that happen to. I have sent my picture to The Casa a few times after.6 months after I sent it and received herbs from Henri Tjong.

In December 2006 I sent my picture again with Bob Dinga and was given herbs. In February I knew I had something in my left breast. I convinced the Doctors to operate and they had found cell that were turning cancerous. They were all removed. I am still cancer free.

Then in October 2007 I sent mypicture to New York with Karen Gavin. I received an ‘X' on my picture. I was able to contact Adrienne Grierson to contact Joao Antonia de Souza to have a surrogate surgery. I set that up in February. I also had herbs.

In March I had gastric by-pass to help lose weight. The Entity asked me to lose weight. But did not tell me how. So the surgery was my idea and I almost died from it. I started to bleed internally after 3 days. They gave me 3 blood transfusions. Then they took me back to surgery. As I was entering the operating room Golden and White Doves where circling above me. The doctor said the room was filling with Angels and I said she was right. Next I woke in the Intensive Care Unit.

In October'08 I was before The Entity in New York. He sent me to the Blessing room. I told Medium Joao that I was to see Ron Roth when I came Home. I went to his November retreat and I came home and stopped my Aids Medicines. My doctors know and are documenting that without meds I Am aids free. I have just sent my picture to the casa this week with Dana Duryea. I hope to get to the Casa again.

I will go to New York in September 09. I love God, I love myself and others. I pray, I meditate, I forgive, I ask forgiveness.

Life is Good
Love & Light
Dawn Cribari