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Official Casa Guide - Casa Layout

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General rules about all rooms

To be in any of these rooms please observe silence do not cross your arms or legs and keep your eyes closed while sitting. Do not get up or open your eyes in the middle of the session unless you are specifically called to do so by one of the room monitors.Occasionally the entity will invite people to open their eyes and witness an operation. If this is the case, the room monitors will announce this in Portuguese and English.

If you are walking in line be mindful of others and do not bump anyone, most especially the mediums that are sitting and concentrating in the current. You never know if the entities are using that mediums energy to help someone and by jolting them you have just interrupted someone's healing. Please remember that social protocol sometimes conflicts with spiritual processes.

While it may be instinctive for you to want to hug a crying friend or enthusiastically patan old acquaintance in the back, you could be interrupting a process for them, one theymay hardly be aware of themselves. If you are going to touch someone, it is wise to, at least, make sure the person you are going to touch is expecting and welcoming your touch.

The Main Hall

The main hall is where we all gather every Wednesday Thursday and Friday at 8:00 AM and2:00 PM to begin the sessions. Someone on stage will direct an opening prayer and give instructions to the newcomers and make any new announcements the Casa wishes to communicate. Usually some long time friends of the Casa are also invited to share their experience or give an inspirational talk. At times the the medium will bring some people out and incorporate in public. After incorporation the entity may perform some blessings directly speak or give energy to some people. Should you be privileged enough to witness this, please remember to keep your arms and legs uncrossed. At some point the lines will be called, beginning with the Intervention line and followed by the other lines as the entities call them.

Current Room One or Mediums Room

This is the first room we enter into from the main hall. The mediums sitting in this room are tasked with cleansing the energy of those who go through the room when the entity calls the lines. This is a very important function, as the cleansing prepares participants for their encounter with the entity. You are welcome to sit in this room if the entity sends you there or only after you have passed by the entity at least once and fulfilled whateverinstruction you were given. ( i.e. Intervention and rest).

To sit in this room, find a comfortable position, uncross your arms and legs, close your eyes and concentrate. If you are able, follow the instructions of the people leading the room as they will direct your attention through prayers and visualizations to affect the group energy and fulfill the cleansing tasks at hand. If you find your awareness is too far off to follow the verbal instructions, trust your higher being to hear the deeper instructions being given and allow your process to unfold. The entities are present in that room at all times and they arethere to help if you need. Remember to ask for help inwardly if you need it.

If you should need help with bodily concerns such as water or going to the toilet, justraise your hand and one of the room monitors will help you.

Entities Room

This is the room where the incorporated entity sees people and recommends a course ofaction. This room is L shaped and the two parts have slightly different logistical functions but are both part of the entities current room. There are two ways to be allowed to sit inthis current room.

One is if the entity tells you to sit there when you go on the line. Unless otherwise specified by the entity, you are instructed to sit there for one day; that is, the remainder of the session in which you were told and the next immediate session. For example, if you sawthe entity on Thursday afternoon and you were told to sit in his current, you sit until the end of the session and then Friday morning you also sit in the current room. On Friday afternoon you either go to the line again or you sit in the Medium's room.

The other way to be allowed to sit in the entities current room is if the entity makes you a"Filho(a) da Casa" a son or daughter of the Casa. In this case please read section on Sons & Daughters of the Casa.

One important distinction you should be aware of is that the smaller part of the room isused only to accommodate people after they pass in front of the entity. So, if you were told to sit there in the morning, for the afternoon session you should sit in the longer part of theroom. This way the mediums concentrating in the room do not have to move every time a new person from the line is told to sit in current.

Casa Floor Plan as of January 2006

Casa Floor Plan as of January 2006

Intervention Room

You access this room though a door at the end of the Entities’ room. This is the room where the entities perform interventions but it is also used to perform spiritual passes. (For a description on spiritual passes, please read, “The Medium’s Book” by Alan Kardec.) If you sit there when you have been scheduled for Intervention and you went in with the Intervention line then you have received an Intervention. If you were in the first or second time line and the entity told you to sit there on your way out then you DID NOT have an Intervention and you do not need to follow any special rules. Some mediums are allowed to work in the intervention room. This is only by specific verbal instruction of the entity. If you are not sure if you are allowed to be there, then you are not.

Infirmary or recovery room

This room is to the right of the main hall as you face the stage. People that have had visible Intervention or are overwhelmed by the energy they are working with are brought here to recover. Please do not go into this room or knock on the door. If you are meant to bethere, it is likely you will find yourself waking up there unbeknownst to you. If a friend or family member was operated with visible Intervention, this is where you will find them.