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Official Casa Guide - Bringing others to the Casa

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Let’s say you have had a wonderful experience and you would like to bring others. If you are bringing a relative or just coming along with a friend you probably don’t have much new planning to do, but if you are thinking of leading a group down here, you have a lot to think about.

First of all you must ask the entity for permission and support in bringing groups. (Not because you are not allowed to do it, but rather because you will probably need their help. You may be taking on more than you know.)

In addition to all the logistical considerations you must now manage the expectations of your group, get them instructed on Casa procedures and guide them through this experience. Keep in mind that their spiritual development may be quite different from yours and you may be faced with questions and situations that are new and may be challenging for you.

By bringing a group, you are also taking on a big responsibility. Make sure you are aware of all that is involved before you start getting a group together.