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Bob's Story

Bob Dinga
California, USA

Phone 831 688-4088; Fax 831 688-1084


In November of 1999, following 13 years of medical treatments and eye surgeries, my retina specialist told me to learn Braille while I still had a little remaining eyesight. Based on my medical history, it would not be long before I was blind.

Miraculously, a book was given to me that described a place in Brazil where a man named John of God performed miracles. My beloved partner Diana read this book to me and I instantly knew I had to go there to receive my healing. This placed was called the Casa de Dom Inacio (House of Saint Ignatius) and was located in a small village-like town named Abadiania in central Brazil.

After four visits to the Casa de Dom Inacio, my eyesight was restored to a level where I could drive a car again and read short passages of written material. Today I am still able to drive a car, read several pages of information at a time, and work on my computer for several hours at a time.

The journey for me has been a process of clearing my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to allow my physical body to heal itself. In one of my visits to see John of God, he told me that I would be coming to the Casa for many years. When I heard this, I was quite astonished and even frightened that my condition was so serious. What I didn't realize was that John could see the path of my soul and that I would be coming to the Casa in service to others. Soon thereafter, John of God gave me permission to bring people to the Casa and I have been doing so for nealy seven years now.

When I was in the middle of my health crisis, my focus was on being able to see. I didn't step back to see the bigger picture. And the more I asked questions of John of God, the more he sent me into the current rooms to get my own answers. The more focused I became on getting my own answers and allowing the healing to unfold, the faster I noticed improvement in my vision.

In my case, I was seeking to have my eyesight restored. From the view of the entities who work through John of God, it was about reconstructing my physical body after years of alcohol abuse and wrongful thinking. Additionally, clearing of energies from past lives and genetic bloodlines was needed to allow my soul to free itself from the burdens of the past.

It is now 2006 and I am driving my car, working many hours daily on my computer, and reading significant amounts of information, (sometimes with the use of magnifiers) to perform my responsibilities as a tour leader. It is my delight to assist others as they go through their process to gain the healing they need.

For more information, my email address is , Phone 831 688-4088; Fax 831 688-1084

Blessings of perfect health, peace and happiness to you. Bob Dinga