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Official Casa Guide - Basic Casa Protocol

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Well, here you are...

You have traveled a long way to come to the Casa and this is your first morning. If you are here with a group, your group leader will take care of many of these things for you, but ifyou are not with a group, you will need to condense all your thoughts and requests into some very concise ideas so you can present them to the entity. You will have all of about two seconds in front of the entity, and it is important for you to be clear on what you want to ask for. You can ask for help with health issues, emotional issues, spiritual issues or life situations. This is not about having the entity solve a laundry list of things you wantchanged in your life. It is about asking for help with very important, sometimes life threatening issues that are more than you can handle. Please remember that you still need to do your part. Also, if you ask for 15 things and the entity gives you one answer, will you know what the answer is for? Will you know how to do your part? Be concise, and ask forwhat is important.

Translation Line

Now that you are clear on what to ask the entity you will need to have your questions/issues translated into Portuguese. Before the beginning of every session a line forms by the two counters opposite the coffee shop. This is the line for translation. One or more of the official Casa translators will be seeing people one by one and helping them translate their questions into Portuguese. These will be written onto a piece of paper which you will hand to the translator who is standing beside the entity when you arrive in front of the entity.

Mediums/Current Line

While all the translation is going on, another line will be forming facing the door to the first current room. This is the line for those who are going to be sitting in current (Both Medium's and Entities' current rooms). The doors will open promptly at 7:45 AM and 1:45PM for the morning and afternoon sessions respectively. The doors will close at 7:59 AM and1:59 PM for the respective sessions. You will not be allowed to sit in current if you are late, so plan to be on time.

The Intervention Line

This line will be called from the stage and is only for those who have been specifically scheduled by the entity for Intervention at that specific time. (If you have been scheduled for Intervention for Friday at 8:00 AM and today is Friday and this is the morning session you will go in when they call the Intervention line) Please keep in mind that the 8 o'clockline and the 8 o'clock Intervention line are two different lines.Also be aware that those are the names of the lines and the actual start time for the 8o'clock line may be 8:25 or even later some times.

First Time Line

If this is your first time at the Casa de Dom Inacio and you have never sent your photo or received herbs from the Casa, this is the line you want to be in. Please get a free first time ticket from the bookshops and wait for the first time line to be called. When you go in frontof the entity, you either will be scheduled for Intervention, receive a herbal supplement recommendation, be told to sit in current or receive a combination of the above recommendations. Pay special attention to what is said to you at this time as this will set upthe rest of your spiritual Journey with the Casa. Remember that your translator will not be able to remember what was said to everyone, so it is up to you to memorize what is said to you, even if you do not understand it completely.

Second Time Line

If you have been in front of the entity at least once before in your life (In person or by photo) and you want to ask again, this is the line you want to be in. Please get a 2nd timeline ticket from the bookstore and wait in the main hall for the line to be called. When you are in front of the entity, please make sure you understand what was said to you before you leave because the translator will probably not be able to remember what was said to everyone.

The 8 O'Clock Line and The 2 O'Clock Line

Sometimes the entity will ask you to: "come back this afternoon" or "come back at two"or "come back tomorrow morning"; this does not mean Intervention. It just means that the entity who is currently incorporating in the medium is not the one who is going to deal with your case and they are asking you to come back when the appropriate entity will be there to see you. When you come back for that session, you stand in the 2 o'clockline for the afternoon session or the 8 o'clock line for the morning session. These lines do not require a ticket. Also, if for example, it is Wed Morning and the entity asked you tocome back tomorrow morning without further instruction, you are welcome to come back this afternoon and sit in the first (Medium's) current room for the afternoon.

Revision line

This line is for revision after Intervention. On the 8th day after your Intervention you will come to the revision line. (If your Intervention was at 2 PM on Thursday, your revision is the following Thursday at 2 PM) You will need a ticket from the bookstore for this line.When your line is called you will go before the entity for a revision of your Intervention and to see if you will require any treatment to complement it.

Soup Line

At the end of the morning session the Casa serves a bowl of soup to all participants. This ispart of the treatment. Please stand in the line that will form outside the main hall. If youhave just had Intervention, go to your pousada and ask for someone to bring you soup. DONOT stand in the soup line.

Farewell Line

At the end of every session, people who are leaving and have not seen the entity that day are invited to pass before the entity to say good bye. This farewell line is announced at the end of the session inside the current room in both English and Portuguese.

This farewell line is not for you to bring new issues or photos to the entity. If you have photos or another question then you must stand in the 2nd time line.

When the announcement for the farewell line is made, please raise your hand so the room monitors can get a count of how many people will be passing and plan accordingly.In the Entities' room the monitors will call specific areas of the room first to avoid congestion. Please be patient and wait until they call your specific area to come forward.