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Articles 2012 Cash Peters Life-Changing Book about Love, John of God and the Path to Healing When I Make a Promise it is Never Disregarded - Barbara Brodsky Gena's Story Finding the Balance by Grainne McEntee Randol's Distant Healing Cost of Living in Brazil by Grainne McEntee Guided Meditation by Josie Ravenwing


2011 Novena of Grace to St Francis Xavier Hilda's Experience at the Casa Janet Rose .. Stories from the Casa A Miracle for Trevor Eliza's Healing at the Casa Experiences at the Casa - Update June 2011 Eddie's Story - 41 Years of Anxiety & Depression Replaced by Love Emma Bragdon launches 2 new books on Holistic Mental Healthcare The Power of Prayer - Grainne McE Two Inspiring YouTube Videos


2010 Omega Registration 2010 Ambassador of Peace by Grainne McEntee Kind Gestures by Grainne McEntee The Group Field by Emma Bragdon Words of Appreciation from Heather Cumming in Advance of Omega Event 2010 The Triangle by Nico Surrogate Surgeries by Grainne McEntee Bill's Testimonial Liam’s Healing Abadiania’s Newest Welcome Addition


2009 Registration for John of God US Event 2009 - by Heather Cumming 'Healing - The Movie' Wins Three Awards - Heather Cumming Jan 2009 Singing at the Casa by Tatiana The First Current Room - by Grainne McEntee Crystal Light Beds - Words of Advice from Diego, Casa Volunteer & Translator St Ignatius Novena - Compiled by Grainne McEntee Just Roses? Grainne McEntee Aug2009 "What is a Spiritual Hospital?" by Emma Bragdon Oct 09 Author of the “Casa Guide Manual”, Diego Coppola John of God at Omega, 2009 – Article by Emma Bragdon Locks of Love - Grainne McEntee Miracles Really Do Abound - Nancy Courtemanche Thanks from Isabella


2008 Spirit Photographer : Karen Leffler February 2008 Abadiania to Auschwitz - and Back June 2008 Joao’s Birthday celebration June 2008 Dom Ignacio Anniversary July 2008


2007 The heart of the Casa beats strong and steady January 2007 Remembering Drew Umbers January 2007 Miracles do Happen July 2007 Healing at the Casa December 2007 My Time in Abadiania December 2007 John of God in New York October 2007


2006 Bob from Florida is healed of cancer December 2006 Letter from Diego at the Casa September 2006 News from John of God's Trip to Atlanta May 2006 Spiritual Perspectives on Illness and Health January 2006 Who is John of God September 2006 New Film About the Casa August 2006 Release of Film Tribute to John of God November 2006 Information about the Lines at the Casa November 2006 The Sacred Waterfall July 2006 Medium Joao's Trip to New Zealand July 2006 Marcee's account of her time in Abadiania December 2006 Matthew Ireland - An Inspirational Story May 2006 John of God's First New Zealand Trip July 2006 Official Guides to the Casa August 2006


2005 Melinda's update January 2005 Official Guides to the Casa January 2005 Official Guides to the Casa February 2005 Documentary on the Casa Aired on ABC February 2005 Choosing Vibrational Change February 2005 John's Physical Operation at the Casa March 2005 Official Guides to the Casa March 2005 Official Guides to the Casa April 2005 Official Guides to the Casa June 2005 Understanding the Work of the Current Room August 2005 Heaven's Helpers August 2005 Update from Abadiânia August 2005 Official Guides to the Casa October 2005 VAI TRABALHAR November 2005 Song "Abadiânia" by Kim November 2005 Official Guides to the Casa November 2005 Official Guides to the Casa December 2005 A Kiwi View of Medium João's Healing Events December 2005


2004 Current Rooms February 2004 Practical Travel Advice February 2004 Maggie's Story March 2004 Melinda's latest news March 2004 Melinda's latest news April 2004 Kardec's Spiritism June 2004 Robbery in Abadiânia June 2004 Mia's Experience in Abadiânia June 2004 Less can be More July 2004 Waterfall Project July 2004 Melinda's update August 2004 João's trip to Germany October 2004 Michael Pearson November 2004 Official Guides to the Casa December 2004 Story of Healing 2004


2003 Inflation in Abadiânia Christmas in Abadiânia January 2003 Barbara's Experience of Abadiânia February 2003 Caroline's Story February 2003 News from a Recent Trip to Abadiânia March 2003 Update on João's trip to Washington DC, USA March 2003 Noreen's Experience of Abadiânia March 2003 Expectation, Assurances and Coincidences April 2003 Medium João visits Washington DC May 2003 Ram Dass visits the Casa May 2003 Medium João's March visit to Washington June 2003 Claire & Peter's Experience in Abadiânia August 2003 Report from the Casa by Christopher Sheppard August 2003 "Called to the Casa" by Claire Eckman September 2003 Advice to Travellers September 2003 Dr Ana Maria's Story December 2003 Joao's Concerns December 2003

Misc Extract from: Magazine of the Brazilian Association of Medicine REVIEW "John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions" REVIEW "Kardec's Spiritism: A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution"