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Silke's Healing in Alsfeld

I am still surprised about my healing and I have no words for this miracle. I never expected a complete healing, whatever it means, it is too big for my human mind.

I had about 50 years several illness as you know, for example this Histaminintoleranz. No fatal disease but not enough to live and too much for too die. 50 diagnoses the most were wrong as I know today.

The healing started this year when I got the first surgery through Maria, the second followed in April. In Oct. I was in Abadiania and I got the next 2 surgeries. I did not expected the second surgery, because on this day I wanted to go to the second line to ask the entities what I still need for healing my allergy and my hormone problem. I missed the line, I only heard second line and my feet moved to the door. I was already in trance I could not stop and my feet moved and moved. My mind (ego) cried " no I want to talk to the entities" but I had no chance ---- I was in the surgery line of the second line.......and I got the surgery.

In Alsfeld I was with a group on Saturday and on Sunday I want to go to current. So I did and while I was sitting the guides, Beatrice for example went through the lines and invites all who want to speak with the entities to go outside and wait in the hall. I always heard this invitation but I thought " I sit here, I have nothing to ask, everything is fine" The session started and after a while my body began to breathe deeply and exhale something out of my body. Then I heard Mr. Rollhausen and he requested that we all should exhale all illness from our family, our past lives, what we are carrying from other people and so on. We should breathe and breathe. I do not know how long it was but then Joao came and thanked all who supported him. He told us that we are specially blessed and got a specially mercy and that all who are sitting in this current are complete healed on the physical, psychological and spiritual level. I could not trust my ears but I felt that something really amazing is happening. Joao said 02.12.2012 is our new birthday and we should go out in the world and let the people know about our healing. In this current one of my best girlfriends and one of my client were with me, we are all so happy........and full of love in our hearts. When I opened my eyes I noticed a lot of people had left the current and apparent only the people who should get this healing stayed.

Best Christmas in 50 years and the biggest gift at all. It took about 17 surgeries and I am so happy that I have persevered till the end. Never gave up hope.