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Randol's Distant Healing

On February 2, 2012, I had a rather extensive shoulder surgery to remove arthritic calcification, mend a torn rotator cuff, and repair a damaged biceps muscle. Myself a Casa Group Leader located in the vicinity of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, I arranged to have my picture and petition presented to the Entity incorporated in Medium Joao several days before surgery. It was reported to me that the Entity's response was "I will care for him."

On the appointed morning I entered the surgical suite with no anxiety, and I awoke three hours later with no unpleasant manifestations whatever. Two hours later I was at my laptop giving positive report to the family and friends who had prayerfully supported me. The nerve block wore off within 6-9 hours, and I began to take a mild narcotic medicine for minor discomfort that I would rate at 3-4 on a scale of 1-10. By 24 hours post-op, I became aware that I had absolutely no pain, so I discontinued that medication.

This is now the fourth day, and I remain pain free. I do have soreness at the surgical site. With my arm in a sling that is fastened securely to my chest, however, that sensation is barely noticeable, and in no way uncomfortable. Clearly, I am anaesthetized by the Spirits of the Casa. I have observed and personally experienced this phenomenon before during both visible and invisible surgeries. Never have I known a non-local experience, though; especially several thousand miles distant from the Casa. Space and geography, however, are non-existent in Spirit. I look forward to each forthcoming day of this healing journey, and to my next Casa trip scheduled for the end of May. For this marvellous experience I give thanks to God working through the Entity and Medium Joao. I am also thankful for the Casa workers and Volunteers, and for all who maintain and sustain that most sacred site.
Rev. Randy Batson


February 8, 2012
It is now exactly one week following surgery. I continue to be totally pain free, and started physical therapy today. Normally, that does not begin until two weeks after surgery. The therapist was amazed at how well I am doing. I am not only pain free, but my range of motion is far better than would have been expected for the first treatment. Soreness at the surgical site is minimal by comparison, and fleeting with each passing day. I know that I am under the care of the "Entity," just as was promised, and I have no words to express my gratitude. Yesterday morning, six days after surgery, I awakened with Casa music playing in my mind. I went quickly to meditation and had no difficulty going to a front row seat in the Medium's Current Room for a most blessed and peaceful hour.

What can I say but Praise God, and thank you again to the Spirits of the Casa, and the wonderful Casa workers and volunteers.

Randol G. Batson,
DHS Counselor & Spiritual Director
Casa de Dom Inacio Group Leader