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"When I make a promise, it is never disregarded" by Barbara Brodsky

I'm a Casa Guide and have been coming there regularly with my groups for 9 years. The energy at the Casa was very powerful this year. There were changes in the demeanor and personality of Entities I knew from past years and there were new Entities. Dr Augusto has a larger role in things and his personality seems softened. In past years he was always deeply compassionate, but sometimes outwardly gruff or short. I was touched to tears to watch him come out on the stage and speak for about 10 minutes one morning, my first week there. My Portuguese isn't fluent so it wasn't his words but his demeanor, making eye contact, smiling, and talking so deeply from his heart, that moved me. Later someone translated a video of that talk for me. Dr. Augusto said the Casa is changing and more is asked of us who come, to do our own work, to go deep. In our healing we heal the world.

One new Entity to the Casa especially caught my interest; he was sweet and funny as well as with extremely powerful energy. I simply fell in love with him. I googled him to learn more about his background.

Euripedes Barsanulfo Born on May 1st, 1880, in the city of Sacramento, MG, Brazil, Euripedes Barsanulfo became aware of the Spiritist Doctrine through books from Allan Kardec and experiences in the Doctrine Centers.

After receiving a message from a Spiritual guide, and after being convinced of the importance and beauty of the Spiritist Doctrine, Euripedes Barsanulfo devoted the rest of his life to working in several ways in accordance with the teachings of Spiritism. His intentions and work were not always supported (several time opposed) by his family and many members of his community. Despite this, he developed educational and charitable activities through the organization Grupo Espirita Esperanca e Caridade which he founded in 1905. Two years later, he founded the Allan Kardec School. Over the years, he became a well-developed healing medium, and used this opportunity to help hundreds of families in need.

Under the orientation of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, he founded the Farmacia Espirita Esperanca e Caridade - a place dedicated to the medical treatment of all in need of help. Needless to say, none of his work had financial profit as a goal. From 1907 to 1912, he served his city as a politician, another way he found to positively contribute to his community. Euripedes Barsanulfo died in 1918, leaving us with great example of a positive and constructive existence.

Euripides always announced himself when he incorporated and seemed to love his work there. Numerous times he would walk out to the main hall after the surgery line had gone in, and come back with a huge additional group for surgery, walking around the hall and selecting individuals, or just with a blanket statement "the whole 2 o'clock line to surgery now" or "all in wheelchairs may come to surgery now." Many times the entire 8 o'clock or 2 o'clock line was brought in to surgery, and they were always very big lines.

Twice as I sat in Entity Current when he was incorporated, he invited anyone in Current who wanted surgery to come; many left their seats and went with him; he filled not only the surgery room but the side room between the main Entity Current room and surgery room with people for his surgeries. Energy radiated out of him; that's the only way I can phrase it. His energy seemed as strong or even stronger at times than what I've experienced from Dom Inacio. But more important to me was his enthusiasm and "lightness' of being combined with his serious intentions to support healing. Joy radiated from him!

When I'm not helping my groups I spend most of my time at the Casa sitting in the Entities' Current. I had a few funny experiences. My first week there I went through the line to say hello and mention that my vision was deteriorating. I also asked for help with several other physical issues. I don't know who was incorporated. He just nodded and said, "Sit in my Current" which is the usual reply. That afternoon I sat in the front row of his Current. Euripides was incorporated. I had not yet gotten to know him. I was meditating; the surgery line had passed by about 25 minutes earlier. A Current room volunteer tapped me at my seat, said, "Come." I looked at the incorporated Entity sitting in the chair, he nodded, and she led me to surgery. At first I was surprised, then felt let down as the surgery ended just 3 or 4 minutes after I arrived and I thought I had not really gotten any benefit. I went right back to my room where the surgery on eyes, back, belly and more, continued, and slept most of the next 30 hours, between visits and continued work from Euripides and other Entities!

The next week, the session after revision, I went through the line to ask where he wanted me. Father Francis Xavier was incorporated. I was almost scolded, as I was told, word for word from the translator, "You know you are a Daughter of the Casa and I always want you in my Current when not needed elsewhere; now sit there." I sat down in his Current as instructed, and almost immediately felt the surgery anesthetic and pressure, more work on my eyes. Three more times through my 5-week stay they did eye surgery on me in the Current room. Each time it was obvious to me and to others as my eyes were extremely bloodshot for the next 24 hours and I could not focus them.

On my next to last day, I thought to walk through the line to ask about the continuing back pain and my vision. My alarm was set for 7AM. At 6AM Dr. Augusto (at least it felt like his energy) nudged me out of sleep and said, "You still don't trust me. I am not like the human who makes promises and forgets, and needs to be reminded, prodded. When I make a promise, it is never disregarded. I know your needs; now go to my Current. I have work to do with you there."

I got to the Main hall about 7 and sat on the step by the stage. Almost immediately I felt anesthetic and then a lot of pressure on both eyes. I felt very dizzy, weak. It lasted until just a minute before the door opened. I was pretty woozy and asked (in my meditation) if I should return to my pousada; the entity, Dr. Augusto,said, "No; you know I want you in my Current." I needed support to walk to my seat but got there.

So I sat in Current. Hour one, more surgery on eyes and elsewhere; hour two, sleeping; hour three and on, more quiet. Toward the end of that session the incorporated Entity, Dr. Augusto, walked up to my seat in the front Current row and put his hand on my head for about 30 seconds. It felt like his energy was moving right through the skull and down into my heart. I just began to weep, feeling deeply seen and embraced by that love.

Barbara Brodsky
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Note from Barbara last week "And as the eyes are healing (last surgery was last Thursday afternoon) vision is improving in my good eye. I think they removed the cataract! Even the "blind" eye has much more vision"

Barbara with Joao