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Holy Shift! Recovering from Christianity with the Help of Jesus by Casa Group Leader Randy Batson

What an oxymoron! Why would the one whom history has acclaimed as Lord of the Christian church help anyone to recover from the church's doctrines and teachings? And what ordained minister of the church would dare to publish words that many might call heresy? Enter yours truly! A Christian who represented that faith in official capacities for many years, the experiences of a lifetime brought me to certain consciousness that if Jesus was/is indeed the Lord of Love, and the safe harbor of non-judgment, his message of freedom for all people has lost a great deal in translation and practice. Guided strongly I believe by Jesus, the Lord of my life, I published my insights in book form just three weeks prior to my trip to the Casa in May, this year. Because my book recognizes John of God and the Entities of the Casa in most positive ways, I took a small supply with me, and presented one to our beloved Medium with a petition for the blessing of the Entity, and for authority to place books in the Casa store. My book was graciously accepted, and authority granted with a big smile which seemed to trigger a series of events that thrilled me almost beyond belief.

On the morning following, a message was delivered from the stage to the many pilgrims in the Main Hall, by a man I did not know. His message was presented in terms that I had never before heard at the Casa. As always, he spoke of the love of God for all people, and the worthiness of all people of every faith and tradition as children of the One God. Many of the words he chose, however, and the thoughts he presented, were as though he had taken them direct from my book. It was far too profound to have been coincidental. I sat almost entranced throughout his beautiful and inspiring message, and walked on air as I left the Hall for soup.

The 20 copies I brought for the store sold out in less than one week, which brought me a variety of new and treasured friends. One was a Medical Doctor from Scotland who approached me with the declaration "You wrote the book!" I confessed, and he asked for time to discuss the text which he had voraciously read the previous day. I learned that before medical school he was a seminarian who withdrew before ordination because of many of the same concerns my book addresses. I could not have been more moved when he looked deep into my eyes and said "This is the most life changing book I have ever read."

In the same week I was approached by persons who are personal friends of famed authors, Wayne Dyer and Michael Tamura. Both had read the book, and asked for signed copies to take to their accomplished friends. It was magical to see the books leave the shelf, and to receive acclamations unexpected, and so heart-warming that I could only say "I smell the Entity."

Holy Shift! Recovering from Christianity with the Help of Jesus, is available in soft cover and e-book for Kindle through It can also be gotten in e-book form in Nook for Barnes and Noble, and is accessible on Diego's website, Abadiania Portal.