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Healings Abound by Randy Batson

Surely, no Group Leader can experience a greater thrill at the Casa than to have members of his or her group experience healings evidenced during the pilgrimage. My October-November group was small - only four ladies. Each, though, attests to profound transformation. One pilgrim experienced a whole litany of healings which began on the flight between Atlanta and Brasilia when a painful, damaged shoulder seems to have been restored. She was the only one in my group not sent to surgery. However, during our two weeks at the Casa a skin cancer disappeared from her face, a growth that physicians had persuaded her to have surgically removed. She was also healed of a severe rash on her legs, one for which medical treatment had been ineffective. Treated several years for diabetes, her blood sugar dropped to normal, and has remained so. The first time she went before the Entity, she was told she needed to lose weight, and that they would help. Without any dietary changes, she has now dropped more than 25 pounds, and the "beat goes on."

Another member of my group had a history of severe depression, and had for more than a year dealt with such extreme anxiety that she was losing her ability to cope with life. She was directed to surgery two times while we were there, and, though she did not feel any difference, the other members of our group could see marked improvement in her attitude and presentation. After returning home, she began to become personally conscious that there had been a shift for her. When I saw her several weeks after our return, she did not look like the same person. She was radiant and effervescent, and stated she was happier and more positive, without chemical medication, than she had been in a very long time.

A third member of my group walked with a cane as she approached John of God. Imagine her surprise when he grabbed the cane, threw it aside, and said "You don't need that. Go sit in my current." Tearfully, she obeyed. She left the Casa without the cane, and has never replaced it. She, likewise, has joy and confidence that her friends acknowledge as transformational.

My fourth "groupie" is a lady whose mother and sister had both died of breast cancer. She had for most of the year experienced pain in one of her breasts and, though her physicians were unable to find any condition of note, she was frightened by the pain, given her family history. After her spiritual surgery, the pain went away

I, too, had an amazing healing experience, quite complicated and still unfolding, to which I will testify in a subsequent newsletter after the healing process has been completed. For such amazing experiences we can only give our heartfelt thanks to God, to the Entities, to our most humble and loving Medium Joao, and to all the workers and volunteers who so devotedly serve us all.