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Gabriella's Story

In January 2011, I visited the Casa de Dom Inacio for what I thought would be a month: I stayed for nine months. On the day I arrived, I received the message, "Know that Love has brought you here." I was deeply moved. This was to be the first of many messages.

When I first went in front of the Entity, I was overwhelmed. The pure love and compassion which flowed from him reduced me to tears. I had written "intestines" as something I wanted checking.The Entity said, "Operation, tomorrow,eight-o-clock".

The following day in surgery, I felt wonderful heat in my head and chest. Suddenly the Brazilian man sitting next to me,grabbed my arm and shook me; he was speaking excitedly in Portuguese and pointing to my abdomen. Realizing I spoke English, he exclaimed, " They cut you here," he ran his finger right across his upper abdomen,

"And took out your intestines!" Here he re-enacted intestines being pulled out. With eyes like saucers, he stared into my face. Later, before lying down for the required twenty-four hours, I checked my stomach. All the way across my upper abdomen I found a thin white line with stitch marks along it.

During my stay I had eight spiritual operations and one physical. Doctor Augusto was on stage one day and asked ifanyone who was already taking herbswanted to have a physical operation. I volunteered. Doctor Augusto asked what I wanted operating on. I told him my right leg. He said (in English, or so I thought)*, "I will operate on this side," indicating an area on my left, "because this is connected to your right leg."

I was fully aware of everything that was going on around me as he cut open my side with a small knife. I felt no pain, only pure love and bliss. He worked inside the incision with his fingers and then stitched it up.

Vincenzi wheeled me into the infirmary. Here I was ministered to by Angels in human form. One bathed my side with blessed water, another collected my prescription from the pharmacy. I was given blessed water to drink, then these compassionate women prayed over myself and the others who were in the infirmary.

A week later, when I went to have the physical stitches out, the Entity asked me to stand on the footstool in front of him. He then directed Ricardo to stand behind me. I felt powerful, beautiful energy all around me. I felt as if I was floating in a cloud of purebliss.

Another question I asked the Entity was for help and direction with my writing. I have written poetry all my life and I wrote poetry daily at the Casa. After I had been there for a week and a half, I felt energy rippling through my bodyceaselessly for two days and nights, together with the idea of writing a book about the Casa. I asked the Entity for his permission, I also asked if he would help me in every way; to both of these questions, he replied ,"Yes".

Things manifested immediately. I changed my return date the day before I was due to leave, without a problem. I found a lovely little secluded house for half the rent I was paying. When money was low I found a house and dog sitting position for two months. A voice recorder manifested within five minutes of asking the Entitiesfor one. In May, I said I would like to find a little house within a community, I was led to a beautiful house in the Buddhist Temple Housegardens, where I stayed until I left Abadiania.

At first, trying tofind people wishing to share their story seemed fruitless. I then listened within. I would receive a message directing me to a person to ask for an interview. The person always said, "Yes", immediately.

One day, I told the Entities that I needed more stories from Irish people as I live in Ireland and I would be giving talks there. Later, I was standing at the Casaviewpoint when I was directed to a man who was behind me to my left. He was Ciaran Smyth from Limerick who had been given the all clear by the Entity the previous week. Cancer had riddled his body and the prognosis was five months to live. He was now a free man.

The stories I collected are wonderfully uplifting and instructive. It isturning form the material to embrace the spiritual. As Doctor Zholt Pap De Pesny said, "What I thought was important is unimportant and what I thought was unimportant is most important."

* When I watched the film of my physical operation, Doctor Augusto spoke to me in Portuguese, yet I heard him in English!

Since returning to Ireland we published a book of poems which Iwrote during my stay in Abadiania. My daughter designed the covers and my son edited it and published it on as a Kindle book.

I'm putting the finishing touches to my book, "Transformation." If anyone wishes to add their story to my book, please send it to:

I also compiled a book of messages which I received whilst there, entitled:

"Words of Truth, Words of Love".Each day I stood at the Casaviewpoint and asked for a message. I received the messages as a thought, like telepathy: they are profound and illuminating.

I now give talks and show a film about John of God. The Entities are present during these meetings and healings occur. At the first meeting there were five healings. At the last one, a man was healed from twelve years of back pain, due to an injury. During the film, he felt hands massaging his back: all pain left. He received the message that his back would be completely healed by morning.

I can feel the Entities' wonderful presence when I speak about them. I still feel the Casa energy rippling through my body. One question I was asked was what I had brought home with me form the Casa. The answer is peace, deep peace which settled in my solar plexus after profound emotional healing.

Thank you John of God and the Entities, you give so much Love, Light and Healing to so many grateful people. The Casa truly is Heaven on earth.

Gabriella Francisco