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"Cost of living in Brazil" by Grainne McEntee

Brazil is one of what are called the "BRIC economies" - Russia, India & China being the others countries experiencing phenomenal growth. Here in Abadiania there's an obvious show of wealth as construction & expansion are ongoing. It reminds me of the days of the Celtic Tiger in Ireland & we all know what happened there!!!! With this explosion of growth comes inflation. In my 9 years in Abadiania the minimum wage has gone from 240r a month to 545r a month, if you are lucky enough to have a job & its more than a 40 hour week.

However the cost of living has almost quadrupled. Myself & my partner Joao have a small cafe business & our expenses we estimate have at least trebled right across the board.We are trying to keep prices lower & stay in business which is proving difficult. We own our house & the business so we don't have mortgages. If we had to pay rent we simply wouldn't be able to afford to live.

Many people have been complaining about the cost of living here in Abadiania. Everything is relative. The overheads for any business are phenomenal. Staff have to be paid, on top of food, energy, water & telephone bills. National taxes, accountants & security fees are due every month. Licences & local taxes need to be paid on an annual basis. Gasoline has rocketed in price so the taxi fares have increased along with the airfares. When oil goes up in price everything follows suit. Cash & Carrys don't exist in this area so we shop at the local stores for our supplies. There are no discounts. An espresso in Anapolis the nearest town costs 3 times as much as it does in Lisbon Portugal & Brazil is one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world. It grows in our back gardens!!!!

Coconut juice straight from the shell was 50c when i arrived here in 2003. Now it's 3r minimum. My pousada was 28r a night with 3 meals now its 90r for the same. The list is endless. With the Brasilian Real, the country's currency, being so strong who knows where it will end!

Nothing is cheap anymore, anywhere. So we need to just get over it & stop complaining. It's a wonderful opportunity to practice the ancient art of detachment from all material things as we are not the body! There's a hidden wisdom to be learned in everything. These life lessons remind me of a beautiful teaching brought down through the ages from my Irish grandmother `There's no pocket in a shroud`. That says it all!


Here's an option for those on a tight budget. I'm sure the Entities will do revision in tents!!!!!