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Cash Peters' Life-changing new book about Love, John of God, and the Path to Healing.

Article by Cash Peters

Life is filled with decisions, most of them quite trivial. Then just occasionally, you make a decision, one that may not even seem like much at the time, but it proves so fateful that it shatters your world forever.

That moment came for me in 2008 when I decided to visit Abadiânia.

I'd been experiencing severe deafness for the longest while, so I wanted to see if the entities could reverse this horrible condition where conventional doctors could not.

Well, that's how it started. Almost overnight the various elements of my regular life shifted like pieces on a chessboard. No exaggeration. When I returned home two weeks later, I was unable to function the way I had before. Not only had I received a significant healing in the most miraculous circumstances, but a threshold had been crossed. It felt like I'd grown up. I may have traveled to Brazil a man, but I returned much more. Wiser, more mature, more loving and infinitely more at peace.

All I wanted at that point was to write about John of God and the astonishing events I'd witnessed while I was at the Casa.

The result - A Little Book About Believing: The Transformative Healing Power of Faith, Love, and Surrender (Penner Press)- was personally blessed by Joâo last year, and I honestly feel it must carry the energy of that blessing to everyone who reads it. Why else would the reaction have been so overwhelming?

Copies are mailed out constantly to all part of the world. People buy them six or twelve at a time to give to friends. A nurse in northern California bought a whole box of them out of her own pocket to give to patients passing through her ward. Isn't that incredibly generous? I am so proud to think that Joâo's healing work continues through my little book.

There were first-time visitors on our trip, as well as several frequent visitors to the Casa. Each one of them taught me so many lessons about life and about love's phenomenal power to heal that I felt bound to share this information with others, particularly those who are sick and looking for any chink of light they can find to help raise their body's vibration away from one of disease to one of wellness and harmony.

On arriving in Abadiânia, one of our guides said, "There's life before Brazil and life after Brazil. Things will never be the same again."

Up to that point I'd been a successful writer and travel journalist - my TV show, Stranded with Cash Peters, was just recently shown in Brazil and Argentina, and was very popular, I'm told. However, when I got back, it was no longer possible to continue with business as usual. The presence of the entities was felt constantly. I even had a perfectly circular white spot on the back of my hair that I swear I didn't have when I got on the plane to Brazil, but which showed the spot on my place where the healing energy went in. From then on, my life became guided and shaped in ways I could not have foreseen.

In those early weeks, I became the butt of many jokes from disbelieving friends who mocked the whole idea of spiritual healing. I understand. If you've not been, it's hard to grasp the enormity and unearthly power of the experience. Since then, though, even the most skeptical of them have read A Little Book About Believing and now they get it. They are prepared to concede that what happened to me in Brazil, and what I saw happening to others, truly defies rational explanation and that John of God is an extraordinary force of good.

For that we should all be extremely grateful. I most certainly am, and always will be.
Cash Peters

Cash's Book "A Little Book About Believing: The Transformative Healing Power of Faith, Love and Surrender" was blessed by Joao last year. It is available at and is also available on Amazon in paperback and as an ebook, and also on iTunes as an iBook. Penner Inc, the publisher, will mail books to anywhere in the world.

Cash was interviewed on the radio recently about the book. You can listen to his interview at