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Janet Rose shares some wonderful stories from the Casa with us.

"Recently, I got the inspiration to begin to share some of the miracles that I have either experienced myself, witnessed, or heard about over the past 8 years of going back and forth to the Casa ... My head is full and my heart wants to share".

Here is a fun one:

When you go to the Casa in Brazil, there will be a time when you will be asked to sit in the Current Room for healing. This is where we sit in meditation, with our eyes closed and legs and arms uncrossed, while the healing sessions are in process. Since we are all unique, each of our experiences are also unique.

During one of these sessions, a doctor came and sat next to me. (This same doctor had dinner with me the night before and was telling me that he felt absolutely nothing when he sat in the Current Room and he wasn't sure that anything was happening to him.) It was a very hot day, so many of us brought drinking water into the Current Room with us to drink. Halfway through the session, the doctor taps me on my leg and asks me to look at his water. I half-opened one eye and was surprised to see that his water looked like it had come from the sewer! It was dark, murky and full of black particles. I suggested that he get in line and go in front of JOG to ask why this had happened to his water. So he did.

Even before he could ask the question, JOG said something to this affect - "You thought that nothing was happening to you when you are sitting in this Current Room. See your water? This is what happens every time you sit in Current. All of your garbage and debri is cleared off of you."

The doctor was speechless! It completely changed his experience from then on.

A more serious one:

There was a young 4-year old from Montreal who was born with over 60 malignant tumors in her body. Over the course of her short life, she had many of those tumors surgically removed. She was bald, blind and unable to walk because of all of the chemo treatments she had also received. She was scheduled for another surgery, when her parents heard about JOG and the Casa. They immediately got on a plane and came to Brazil to see JOG. I was there when they arrived. They, also, had a new baby with them. I watched the baby, while they went in front of JOG with their 4-year old. John told them that their daughter would be healed.

The next day they flew back to Montreal for the surgery that was scheduled that following Monday. When their daughter was placed on the table for surgery in front of the fluoroscope machine, they found that there were NO more tumors! They stopped the surgical process and put her in rehab instead. The parents were beside themselves in Love & Appreciation and called us in Brazil to share their miracle.