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Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section 'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'

Here are some of the replies which we have received in recent times:

"I can't explain. No words... Something I can't describe, too wonderful!" Helene, Cape Verde

"Wonderful. It changed my life forever. I am so much more positive, full of joy every day. Everyone says how much better I look. I reconnected with my Christian roots, even as a Buddhist. I am returning to do more healing this year! Can't wait." Colette, UK

"The most profound experience of my life" Deneen, USA

"It is an amazing place with amazing people If you truly want to know who you are and are willing to listen to your inner soul and the spirits who work there then it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. God Bless all who work there" Suzanne, Australia

"Great, wonderful!!! I can't find the right words for it." Martina, Italy

"That everyone should go there once in their lifetime. My heart has opened even more, I felt unconditional love, especially from Spirit and John, and I have more definitive proof that Spirit is working doing wonderful things for us to help us evolve. I love John of God and all the people working at the Casa and greatly admire them all and thank them for everything. The experience was just too wonderful to ever explain in fullness. But thank you anyway. What a privilege!!" Sandy, France

"Best experience, wonderful people, place where you feel closest to God, only place in the world where people truly love and respect, place where people see their hopes fulfilled healing." Irina, Romania

"Expensive. uplifting. returned home with 80% less pain. cleared a lot of my karmic/ subconscious issues. have remained well." Marion, Australia

"To me it was the most enlightening ? time we have spent in 33 years of marrige My wife has since passed away but never had pain even though she was terminal for over a year." Darryl, South Africa

"I'm alive and well ! Gratitude used to be a concept, not a fact. Love is palpable. People looking for \"proof\" of most inexplicable things can go here and check out their assumptions. When they finally manage to explain away \"The Whole Casa thing\", there's always the spiritual anesthesia that cannot be explained, of course, the fact that one just doesn't see or meet ambulances or health care professionals/emergency relief workers running around all over the place. Things \"happen\" @ Casa because of conscious application of knowledge of corrente & vibrations of love :-)" Marie Louise, Denmark

"Wonderful, the entities obviously knew I had only little time and gave me all I could ask for - thanks to all of you at the Casa!" Claudia, US

"Life changing for the better, an internal change and I can't wait to return, the love in Abadiania and of all the people i met was phenomenal and encouraging in today's unhappy and confused world." Robert, Canada

"Even though I didn't get a change in my physical condition, but the spiritual, warm people there were terrific. A real oasis for me." Mary, USA

"I was fascinated when my friend told me of his many trips and the healing he received. I wanted to experience this!! This was a life changing experience. I feel like a different person" Barbara, USA

"Transformative" Jenny, USA

"Miraculous. My story is in the December 2009 newsletter." Nancy, USA

"It has been life changing and i'm still living!!!!" Richard, USA