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Dearest Friends, 

I am taking the opportunity to share a recent experience with all of you. At first, I thought that I should keep it to myself as a personal message. I have been guided to let you know about it, since it seems rather unusual and I know that you will understand it very well.

Recently, I had an accident at night with a storm door which suddenly closed and trapped my left thumb. It was rather painful and my first concern was, a broken nail, a blood clot under the thumb nail and obviously my ability to play the piano and the guitar.

Right after the accident happened, I put ice on the nail, I prayed to The Entities in Abadiania for my healing, I even asked the Entities to come visit if they considered it necessary. I noticed that there was no damage to the nail. Just a light gray mark in the, "lunula or moon", lower white part of the thumb nail and went to bed.

The next morning, to my surprise, there was no pain and I noticed a small black blood clot, shaped as an almost perfect triangle, placed in the center, and inside the "lunula" of the nail.

The clot has been moving up as the nail continues growing. Today the vertex is touching the edge of the "lunula or moon".

I interpret this experience as a very important message of protection from the Casa and the symbol of the triangle is a wonderful reminder a million times a day.

I asked two friends of mine: a medical doctor and a mechanic. Both of them have seen or even experienced many of these accidents. They told me, and we all know, that the probabilities of getting a triangle shaped blood clot under a nail are just "zero". I am including 2 pictures. I sincerely appreciate your time. Your comments are more than welcome.

I miss you. Love and Blessings