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Bill's Testimonial

December 10, 2010
To all To believers and non-believers:

My name as is William E. Bankert PhD, otherwise known as Bill. I have in my life had several occupations. I have been a mechanical technician, a mechanical engineer, a police officer, a police sergeant (an investigations division supervisor/homicide investigator), and an entrepreneur. I have founded and built three very successful companies (Record Retention, AEGIS STAR, and ZANTAZ). I mention this only to establish that I am not prone to what I refer to as the WOO/WOO effect. I believe in what I can experience, see, touch, hear, etc.

Because of my employment at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, in Livermore, California years ago, I was exposed to several chemicals and elements that caused significant medical issues. I have undergone numerous surgeries. They included removal of 1/3 of my intestines, hernia surgeries, a colostomy, a urostomy, a fistula removal, five stents in my heart, and a shunt in my brain that drains into my intestine.

Additionally, I was required to take several prescription medications that had serious side effects. Even with, and sometimes because of, these treatments I was still suffering from poor short-term memory issues, and mental processing problems. Of all of the medical issues I have experienced, the symptoms that were the most annoying was my loss of short-term memory. I have been treated by some of the best doctors in the Nation (America). I was on oxygen 24 hrs. a day and pain medication. I was able to get off the oxygen and pain medication when my daughter sent my picture to John Of God with a friend of hers.

However, I still required a walking-stick to assist me in walking, and my memory and mental processing were still significantly less what I hoped for.

A few months ago we travelled to Brazil to see John Of God. My hope was that he could do what the doctors had not been able to do. I was not disappointed! While I still have some minor issues, the changes that occurred after seeing John Of God were nothing short of amazing. I now walk without the need of my stick (cane), my short-term memory is better. The feeling has returned in my legs and feet, and I can actually move my toes. Additionally, my mental processing improved in a similar fashion as my short-term memory. We will most likely return for continued healing regarding these issues.

Certainly there will always be people who will choose not to believe such a story. There are also people who cannot accept that such a thing is possible. However, I can tell you, without reservation, John Of God is exactly what he claims to be. If anyone believes it is some type of scam, let me tell you something, as a retired Police Sergeant (fraud investigator), this would be a very stupid fraud, since John Of God does not take any payment for his services, it's FREE!

If you are in need of this type of help, I strongly suggest that you look into the possibility of seeing "John Of God"!

Very Sincerely,  
William E. Bankert PhD (Bill)