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JUST ROSES? By Grainne McEntee

August 2009

When we think of Dom Ignacio many images comes to mind.

Roses are symbolic of love.

They have a unique scent conjuring up happy memories & are a gift from Mother Nature of outstanding beauty.

Their majesty, coupled with their thorns are representative of the path of love, as we are reminded that the course of true love never runs smooth.

Here at the Casa every year on the anniversary of St Ignatius passing into the spirit world, July 31st 1556, we celebrate with an ocean of flowers. Every area of the Casa is carpeted with flora of all descriptions & the air is sweetened with the aroma of Divine bounty. This year many received their own rose complete with a souvenir medallion.

We were also blessed to partake of bread & grape juice, representing the Eucharist.

The presence of the patron of the Casa, Dom Ignacio himself bestowed powerful healing energy upon everyone near & far. It's difficult to describe the waves of pure love that emanate from Saint Ignatius & his phalange (group of benevolent spirits) This highly charged energy leaves no doubt that we are part of a bigger plan, that we are safe & greatly loved by an all mighty-all powerful Divine Power that will never abandon us.

As our gifts of roses wilt & fade, all is not lost. The dried rose petals have outstanding healing energy. I have already sent them to family & friends all over the world . My mother in particular puts them under her pillow & has visitations in her slumber from the hard working Entities of the Casa.

The healing continues long after the feast is over.

(Roses at the Casa Celebration July 2009 Photo taken by Lynn Lannon - See Photo Gallery Photos of the Month Aug09)