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John of God at Omega, 2009 - Article by Emma Bragdon 

For the third time in three years, John of God was hosted by Omega Institute, in late September--when the Fall colors were at their peak, and the days were still warm. A sea of people, all dressed in white for this spiritual retreat, created a dramatic contrast to the towering green evergreen trees lining the walkways and the bright yellows and reds of the surrounding forest.

A huge tent was put up to accommodate the 1400 people who were attending each of the four days. Each person had the opportunity to personally see John of God each day so he could suggest treatment for them. Most of the participants also had a special blessing each day in the spiritual intervention room.

The main hall was transformed into three "current" (meditation and healing) rooms--an echo of the set up in John of God's sanctuary in Brazil. The spaces in the hall were separated by white curtains, to create the effect of the three rooms. Large images of the Entities, copies of art from the Casa, were placed in focal points in the Hall and in the tent. Similar to the way of the Casa, a large triangle was evident in the tent where participants could place prayers that would go for blessings to John of God.

For three years I have had the opportunity to assist in the Main Hall, in the room for spiritual intervention and blessing. The melody of prayers being spoken by monitors in each room drift through the hall in the beginning and end of each formal session, supporting the inspired thoughts and feelings of the meditators. The morning and afternoon are punctuated by the shuffling of feet as streams of people of all ages enter into the current rooms in silence, patiently waiting their turns, receiving the prayers of those sitting in meditation. Several times a day a clatter breaks the quiet as the Entity takes the cane of someone, releases it to the floor, and declares that he or she can now walk without it.

Tears streamed down the faces of visitors as they felt the purity of the Love being offered, resonating with the deep well of Love inside of them.

I assume the local woodchuck felt the sanctity and safety of the place as well, as "he" felt safe to mow down the mature decorative kale plants in front of the main hall in broad daylight, bite by delicious bite: an amusing drama enjoyed by all walking by.

The event was again a wonderful success. The Omega team worked beautifully together to take care of all visitors and the food, again, was great and beautifully served. The Casa volunteers were steady in their dedicated efforts to provide a space for the potent energies of the Casa Entities. John was extraordinary in his ability to be present and generous attending to so many people each day.

It's a very positive sign of what is being birthed in our world that such an event can happen, be so beautifully managed, and so fully attended.

Emma Bragdon, Guide to the Casa