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Author of the "Casa Guide Manual", Diego Coppola

All who visit the Casa have a warm experience due to the kindness and care of the Casa workers and volunteers. One of these volunteers is Diego Coppola. We would like to acknowledge his dedication to John of God and the Casa. Diego collected all the protocols that the entities have established in the 30 years the Casa has been operating in Abadiania. He skillfully wrote the "Casa Guide" which is 36 pages of information, detailing the protocols directed by the entities. This guide is available online on the Friends of the Casa website: and available in booklet form at the Casa bookstore. It is currently available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, and French.

This guide has helped countless Casa visitors to be informed of the protocols before, during, and after their visits. Diego continues to help people through his service as a translator at the Casa and through his informative website:

We at the Friends of the Casa are very grateful for Diego's contribution to the visitors coming to the Casa and his service to Medium Joao's mission.