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Joao’s Birthday celebration June 2008 – by Grainne McEntee

It was that time of the year again when Abadiania delights in the prospect of a free party with fireworks, music, food, non-alcohol drinks and a giant cake. This occasion occurs every year around the 24th June, St Johns day. Medium Joao's birthday is celebrated on the Friday evening closest to this date. Joao Teixeira de Faria is 66 years old this year. Every year there is a surprise and this year was no different. Beside the large stage where the band were belting out popular Brazilian numbers, stood a giant screen displaying physical surgeries which Medium Joao performed in the recent past in the main hall of the Casa. Surreal and different, to say the least. Bizarre, perhaps to be witnessing the miraculous work of this great man while enjoying a rambunctious party. Nay, life is full of contradictions. This was a brave and bold reminder as to why we congregate here, surrounded by countless unseen forces working in this portal of light and love in the heart of Brazil.

They came from all walks of life, in cars, on buses, aeroplanes, on foot, in wheelchairs and on crutches with faith hope and love in their hearts to this sleepy little town in the middle of somewhere called Abadiania, most to pay homage to this extraordinary man, John of God. Others, including curious spiritual tourists who have little or no idea about this mans mission for the past 30 years here, delighted in the festivities which add a colourful and welcome addition to the Casa de Dom Ignacio dedicated to healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and especially spiritual.

The spectacular fireworks kicked the evening off. More sparse than last year they still managed to frustrate the many wayward animals into seeking solace under tables and chairs at the local hostelries, also confounding the more security conscious among us, as to how such dangerous manoeuvres are orchestrated so close to humans without major catastrophes occurring. Most revellers gaped skyward in awesome wonder at the noisy spectacle. The coolness of the evening was warmed by a well placed, giant, expertly and impressively mounted wooden structure, (not unlike an oil derrick), which burned brightly, omitting flares of flames on the sidelines of the proceedings with harm to no one. (Except maybe mesmerised moths drawn to the bright glow...RIP) Eight smaller tents lined the site offering free food and soft drinks provided by the many pousadas in gratitude for the business Medium Joao generates in this small town in the heart of Brazil. Quickly, the ground became a sea of discarded plastic plates, cups and utensils. Oblivious to the carpet of litter many revellers shook, rattled and rolled to the heady beats, shaking their bundas (behinds) in classical Brazilian fashion.

John of Gods larger tent in the back of the open field was secured behind five meters of the now famous birthday cake. An ocean of blue and white icing and sugar was demolished in a couple of hours. (Guinness Book of Records take note) The man of the moment, Medium Joao looked relaxed and enjoyed himself surrounded by family and friends. His entourage included as always Casa volunteers, well-wishers, curious onlookers, visitors from far and near eager to press the flesh of this famous healer. He was off duty for the evening, if that is ever possible, for a man who has dedicated his life for over 40 years to healing and consoling the multitudes who travel far and wide to see him. As he often reminds us that it is always God who heals, he is just an instrument in His Divine Hands.

When all was said a done we thoroughly enjoyed another magnificent noisy evening ending promptly. At 11pm. So, as we bow our heads in gratitude for the abundance received again and ask for the continued health and strength of Medium Joao we hope to see you, same time next year letting your hair down and kicking your heels up to celebrate the life and times of Joao Teixeira de Faria ............... a phenomenon indeed...
Whoever you perceive God to be ... Go with God

Vai com Deus.

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