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John of God in New York - 1-4 October 2007

John of God was received with admiration, love, and immense gratitude during his 4 day stay at the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck NY. The campus was a sea of white as approximately 1200 people gathered each day to see this amazing medium and the loving and compassionate Entities. Heather Cumming, Medium João's dear friend and Liaison for his healing tours in North America, translated for this event. Skip Backus, Executive Director of the Omega Institute and Carol Donahoe, Omega's Program Director, did a beautiful job organizing every detail of this inspiring event.

One could tangibly sense the growing anticipation and excitement as people arrived. People gathered with hope, belief in miracles, and open hearts to experience the infinite transformations this experience could bring into their lives. Each person followed a white chrysanthemum-lined walkway into an enormous white tent. This Main Tent was the gathering place where people began their sessions as Heather, Noberto Krug, Rosa Machado, Diana Rose and Bob Dinga offered the opening prayers from the stage. Medium João arrived each morning to address the crowd. Looking out into the eyes of everyone gathered there, one could visibly see the awe and respect people felt for this man who lovingly shared his appreciation at having this opportunity to be there with them.

Medium João was then led to the Entity's room in a building adjacent to the Main Tent where he incorporated and began seeing people as he sat in his chair. There was a large reproduction of Sirlei Lerner's altar painting of Dom Inácio, Jesus, and Mary that hangs above The Entity's chair at the Casa. Reproductions of King Solomon, Dr. Augusto, Dr. Oswaldo Cruz and St. Rita of Cascia adorned white linen curtains which served as partitions for each of the rooms: The Mediums' Room (first current room), The Entity's Room (second current room) where John of God in Entity sat and received each person; The Divine Intervention and Blessing Room; The Infirmary. It was a beautiful arrangement.

The first session lasted five hours. The other sessions were each approximately three hours long. The 1200 people seated in the Main Tent were dressed in white and were very honoring of the process. Noberto Krug, Medium Joao's close friend from Brazil, addressed the crowd, sharing loving messages as Rosa Machado translated for him. Rosa shared her amazing experience of being healed from cancer at the Casa. Bob Dinga assisted Skip with organizing the lines of people to see John of God in Entity. Diana Rose and Bob Dinga held a short orientation before each session. Diana and Rosa led the crowd in meditation, prayers, and guided visualizations as people waited for their line to be called. You could have heard a pin drop were it not for the grass floor; the there was a profound silence as people allowed themselves to go deep in these meditations.

Emma Bragdon, Peter Waugh, Gary Walker, Josie RavenWing, Thom Levy, and Rosa Haritos led the Current Rooms, Divine Intervention/Blessing Room and The Infirmary, supported by Casa mediums that volunteered to build and hold the current in each room. Diego Coppola and Peter helped with debriefings after the Divine Interventions.

Ana, Medium João's wife accompanied him at the event. Dorothy Cooke sat in service, to the left of John of God just as she does at the Casa. Martin Mosquera, Medium João's close friend from the Casa, helped Heather with translations.

Dr. Jose Valdivino, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, and Jose Penteado were the three recognizable Entities João incorporated during the event. The energies were very strong and every person who waited to see John of God was seen. There were as many as 800 Divine Interventions done at a session.

Although participants were asked not to take photographs, Karen Leffler, professional photographer and co-author (along with Heather Cumming) of a new book called "John of God, the Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions" was asked by Medium João to photograph the event. (see photo gallery)

The Omega campus is a serenely beautiful 80 acres of tranquility. It was brilliantly colorful with the autumn leaves in shades of red, orange and gold. The gardens were abundantly filled with flowers of every color and kind. 400 attendees enjoyed on-campus accommodations in cabins and dorms. Some people camped by Omega's pristine lake.

This was the largest event ever held at the Omega campus and the staff was available and attentive to their many guests. The blessed soup was available at lunch every day and all meals were extremely healthy and delicious.

Omega provided the perfect site for this visit. Medium Joao was happy and appreciative of his warm welcome in the USA.

(This article was submitted by Diana Rose and Rosa Haritos)

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