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My Time in Abadiania - Article by Marian Joy

Thought someone might be interested in reading my musings about my trip.
In love and light,

Joao de Deus is a gifted Spiritist healer who lives in Brazil. He is a man of humble origins who enters a trancelike state and allows Entities from the other side to work through him. All of his work is free of charge. All are welcome. Nobody is turned away. Miracles have been performed through him for nearly fifty years. His life is dedicated to service. Three days a week people come to the Casa de Dom Inacio located an hour and a half from the capital city of Brasilia in the state of Goias, Brazil. He may see as many as a thousand people a day. All religions and belief systems are welcomed. People come from all over Brazil and all over the world as well. Everyone dresses in white and comes to the Casa to pray, to meditate, to release the things that no longer serve them, to forgive themselves and others and to heal physically and spiritually. The work is done vibrationally. All herbs prescribed are simply from passion flower. The energy with which each prescription is infused is what differentiates one person's prescription from another. On the days that he is not present in the Casa he travels to different parts of Brazil to heal people who either are too ill to travel, or too poor to be able to afford a trip. He also periodically travels to different parts of the world to do his work. If you wish to learn more about him and the work done at the Casa you might start by visiting the site I lived in Brazil in the 80's and although I had heard of him at the time, I didn't feel the need to visit him. I was young and healthy and I had other things on my mind. During this last year I began to feel the desire to visit him. My desire began from my wish to help a friend who has been living with breast cancer. At some point however, perhaps because of her skepticism, I decided that I really wanted to experience him with my own issues. I love Brazil and feel very at home there. I speak fluent Portuguese. So in September of 2007, I decided to go to Abadiania with two friends of mine. Perhaps what I came away with most were the need to listen, see and pay attention to my inner being, to remain aligned with Source Energy by expressing joy with humor, with love, with music and with communication, to continually walk through life releasing judgment of myself and others, and by opening my heart to the wonders of a life filled with love. What follows is a bit of my experience during my visit.

Casa Garden
We are seated at the lookout point in the gardens of the Casa, on handmade wooden benches. Beneath us the ground vibrates with the power of the crystal beds deep in the earth below. The birdsong causes us to look up. There, in the avocado tree is the bird "Joao do Barro" or John of the Mud. His nest, like a wasp's nest is constructed solely of mud. Out fly the mama and the papa birds and we can see 3 little beaks still inside. The song of another bird, the Bem-Te-Vi fills the air and we watch him dip and soar through the dry white blue sky, the color of prayer. Slowly, I remember a lovely song about this bird that I haven't even thought of in over twenty years. Out in front lie the foothills, arid from the drought. The marigolds grow everywhere and are filled with the puffy flowers that blow away like dust in the wind. The road winds lazily around on its path to the sacred waterfall. All of the objects that we see have a golden light around them. Serenity connects us with the earth and the fruit laden trees. Jack fruit, mangoes, cashew nuts, horse chestnuts are all around. Hydrangea, hollyhocks, bottlebrush, roses, morning glory, bougainvillea paint the landscape with vibrant colors. Fountains cascade water over crystal formations. Butterflies and hummingbirds flit from flower to flower. Neighborhood dogs run by, playing with each other quietly. One stops at our feet and smiles up at us and we pat his head. People sit silently in meditation. Spirit connects us to the earth, to the birds, the flowers, the crystals, the fountains and to each other. We remember that we are all one, and that it is love that binds us.

The Current Room
Katie is having surgery today and Sherry and I sit down for our first meditation in the Current Room. Our purpose here is to help hold the energy for the Entities to carry out their work on those who have come to ask for healing. Our eyes are closed and we focus on our breathing, and on the energy of healing, of love, of forgiveness, of connection. We sit in prayer, in meditation. We are all dressed in white. As we sit there, people are lined up waiting their turn to ask for help from the Entities by appearing in front of John of God with their requests. I feel myself sinking deeply into an altered state of consciousness. Some unusual sensations stir in my body. I feel like I am growing. My legs are getting too long to fit comfortably behind the chair in the front row. My thighs are growing wider. My sandals are getting too tight. The ring on my finger has gotten way too small. My bra strap has become uncomfortably snug. My clothes, which were baggy when I sat down, feel incredibly constricting. There are huge changes in temperature taking place in the room. Suddenly it is way too hot. Then it's terribly chilly. I feel myself sinking deeper. At a certain point, even though my eyes are closed I am aware that someone has walked by and noticed me. After a 30 second lag, I realize that it is Katie going by on her way to see John of God, and I smile belatedly. It's an effort to come back enough to try and curl my lips into a smile. I feel relief when I let go again and return to the depth of my prayer. Around my third eye, what appears to be a purple hole is forming. It swirls and then starts opening and a parade of faces start passing through. They appear briefly and then they move on. These are not faces that I've seen today in the Casa. I recognize no one. I wonder if these are the faces of the Entities in the room. I am aware that my crown chakra is opening. It continues doing so until I feel that the entire top of my head is wide open. I feel heat pouring in. I am watching sparks of light toward the left side of my left eye. Gradually these sparks expand and grow brighter until I feel like a search light is staring me in the face, and then is pouring into my head. I feel a golden light, intense, hot powerful entering my head. My body continues to expand. My eyes feel irritated from the intensity of the light even though they remain closed. Just when I feel as though I might keel over from the white heat that is penetrating my skull, a wind starts to blow. Is it possible that someone removed all of the room fans and placed them directly in front of me because they thought I was going to faint? My long hair is blowing straight back in the wind. It must be bothering the person behind me. Suddenly the temperature drops and I no longer feel the light in my eyes. We are ready to start returning to our bodies now. The hordes of people have gone through the room. Surgeries have been performed, requests for healing have been made, pictures of loved one requesting healings have been offered, revisions of post surgeries have been made, herbal remedies have been prescribed. I open my eyes and feel myself slowly returning to my body. I am shocked that the huge woman I perceived as taking up all the room in front of me is in fact quite petite and slender. Three hours have passed. I feel parched and barely able to return to the land of the living. Conversation just isn't an option yet. I stumble out the door.

The Crystal Baths
I was prescribed crystal baths by Joao de Deus as part of my healing. In a small room, alone, I lie on a massage table with soft music in the background. Different colored lights filtered through crystals and blessed by the Entities are focused on my seven chakras and are blinking hypnotically. A cloth is placed over my eyes. Immediately I feel myself descend into a space of profound depth and clarity. I am walking along the hills close to the Casa, but they are verdant, full of huge green forests, unlike the arid drought stricken area surrounding the Casa. I am following Joao de Deus through winding trails and we disappear into the woods as I watch from above with my bird's eye view. Once again, as in the Current room, a series of faces parades in front of my eyes. I have never seen any of these faces, but once again I feel as though who they are will be revealed to me whenever it is that I need to know. I feel myself plummeting farther and farther into my inner being. The depth is exciting and I want to be able to articulate my travels, but they are moving quickly and I am aware that I am forgetting much of what I'm seeing by trying to remember it. I let go. My visions are dreamlike sequences that come and go, always closing into a hole of deep purple located in front of my third eye. I am extremely aware of bird song in the surrounding area. It keeps me aware that I really am located on the grounds of the Casa, lying in a crystal bath of blinking lights. I keep remembering that I never "see" things, that I am not a visual person, and yet, most of the day I have spent sunk in the land of visions. It's a very trippy sensation. I kind of like it. I hope I can remember a tenth of what I'm being led to see. When I emerge into the sunlight, my friends are waiting for me, expecting me to articulate my experience. I need to lie down for a bit so that I can resurface, and find my language skills again.

The Waterfall
I'd love to hike to the waterfall, but we have been told not to exert ourselves, and so we take a taxi. Bronya, a Russian woman who is staying with us at the Pousada has also been prescribed trips to the waterfall by the Entities and so the four of us go together. The taxi driver leaves us off at the entrance, and we hike down the trail to the Cachoeira (waterfall). We maintain silence and focus on our healing requests, aware that the Entities might choose to perform surgery while we're there. The sun is hot, the air is dry, but once we descend into the shaded area, there's a slight chill in the air. Birdsong continues to accompany us. We watch a large lizard scuttle under the leaves. A small brown butterfly with large orange/red blots of color on its wings leads us down the trail. The small puffballs of marcela are growing all over the trails. Out comes a huge blue morpho butterfly, the iridescent wings catch the golden sunlight and it disappears into a crevice in the face of the rock wall. We continue our descent and out emerges the blue butterfly again bringing two and then three and then four other huge companions. Their colors are breath taking, and they dance up and down the cliff wall. We undress, and then one by one walk across the footbridge and submerge ourselves in the icy shower provided by the Cachoeira, losing our breath in the shocking bitter cold of the water. We turn round and round under the massage of the healing waters. Then we dry ourselves and climb the steep path back up to where the taxi awaits us to take us back to the Pousada. Once there, each of the women returns to her room to nap. I, on the other hand am so energized I can barely sit still. I feel like I could run 10 miles. I can't even imagine sleep. I need to talk, to sing, to move, to remain in contact with other human beings.

My First Surgery
Surgery has been prescribed for me, and I wait my turn in the seemingly endless line. I am in no rush. I know that I will be seen. It really doesn't matter when or in what order I am seen. We file in slowly and I take advantage of looking at everyone in the Current room. Many of them work in the shops for the tourists along the avenida. There's Tanya from the Amazon Herbal Shop. There's Tatiana from the jewelry store. I suddenly remember that I'm supposed to be focusing on my own healing and dutifully turn my attention inward. We are led to a small room and seated quickly in close proximity, one next to the other. I look up on the wall, and there is a plaque hanging there that is hand painted with symbols for God written in Hebrew. I feel comforted by this and repeat my own prayers rather than the Christian Lord's Prayer that is expected for us to repeat. I sit with one hand on my heart and the other in my lap, palm up, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. My breathing is deep, slow and deliberate. Again, I feel myself sinking as we're led through various meditations. I sense a change in the tone of the tinnitus in my left ear. It is less a sensation of irritating static. It is softer, like a whisper, or the sound of the ocean when you press your ear to a conch shell. It is still barring other sound from entering, but I am not feeling the building of pressure in the eardrum. Once again, I focus on the swirling purple color of my third eye and see different images, many of which appear to be inner organs of the body, pink, moist, pulsating and rather disconcerting. Then, the parade of faces goes by again. I sink deeper into a trancelike state, with extreme changes of temperature. Slowly we are led back through prayer, and then taken outside where we purchase the herbs that have been prescribed for each of us individually and are told the protocol that we must follow. First, have a bowl of the vegetable soup made in the Casa, blessed by the Entities. It is part of our healing process. A huge cauldron of this soup is made daily and distributed for free throughout the town. Sipping the soup helps me to feel grounded again. Drink plenty of the bottled water that has also been sitting in the Current room receiving the blessings of the group meditation and of the Entities. Take a taxi home even if you are staying less than a block away. Stay away from the Casa for 24 hours. No sun. Rest, sleep and turn inwards. I go home and lie down. I am really looking forward to conking out for 24 hours which is what happens to most people after the surgery, and I have barely been able to sleep a wink since we arrived. I feel myself transported and a bit spacey, but by the time my friends return to the hotel from their hours in the Current room to check on me, I am alert and eager for company. They bring me my lunch. I am starting to feel quite chipper and energized. What about rest? Hah. No rest for the wicked! I want to get up and at 'em! I want to talk to people. The Pousada empties out and everyone goes back to the Casa for the afternoon session. I'm starting to feel like I'm being punished by having to stay in my room alone. It's such a beautiful day. I sneak out into the courtyard with my guitar. A hummingbird stays busy in the bright red blossoms of the bottlebrush tree. The Bem-Te-Vi ventures close to me and sings beautiful melodies. A tabby cat sits on the footbridge overlooking the fountain, his tail twitching in the afternoon sun. I can't settle down. I want to talk. I want to communicate. I want to be with people. I spend so much of my life alone, or with my animals. I am always quiet. I am always turned inward. So much is going on here. I want to be part of it. I am feeling very rebellious about being told what to do. I was told not to write and now I'm really feeling resentful, because that's how I know what I'm feeling, and that's how I remember all the images that have been appearing to this non visual person. I don't like this one bit! So, I pick up my guitar and start to listen to what songs are coming up for me. I begin to get lost in the music and time passes. Music is my prayer. It is my connection with source energy. It calms me down, soothes the savage beast. I feel my adolescent rebelliousness ebb slowly, as I lose myself in myself, and find my own peaceful alignment. I am using this gift to express my gratitude and to focus on my own healing. But music is also the great communicator and when I look up two and a half hours later, I see that I have attracted quite a crowd. There's the Frenchman who was injured in an accident and lost use of his hands and one leg as well as his voice. There's the crippled Russian. And the young Serbian, Radan, with cerebral palsy who will be here with his mom until January. There's the Ugly American woman that Katie calls Brunhilda and the staff at the Pousada and I call Dona Chatura. There's the Australian woman with cancer of the mouth. There's the housekeeper, the manager, the kitchen staff and the gardener. At some level, the music has touched each and every one of them. It has brought them all relief.

The Night Sky
After sunset we take a walk on the dirt road past the Casa. There are no lights and the night sky is full of stars close enough to touch. Up to the left I perceive a light that I assume is an airplane. It moves closer to us. Then it moves from left to right and back again. It gets closer. It keeps moving from left to right and back again for as long as we are able to stand there and watch.

The Rosary
There were a few people whose lives had touched me and so I gifted them with a copy of my CD of original tunes "Circus". One of the gentlemen was from Uzbekistan. He had appeared whenever I picked up my guitar, no matter where in Abadiania that was. It was uncanny. He seemed to know whenever I was going to sing, even before I knew that myself. One day, in the Pousada, he limped up from behind me to give me a present. He slipped a rosary made from rose quartz around my neck. Rose quartz is the stone of love and I truly received the present as it was meant. It was a gift of love. I was wearing it as we walked down the street. I turned to my friends and said that while I truly honored the gift and felt that it was pure love, I felt uncomfortable wearing a cross. As soon as I said that, the cross fell off the end of the rosary. What was left, were the stones symbolizing love.

Thinking of my dad
One day I brought pictures of friends and loved ones for Joao de Deus. All were prescribed herbs, and two were prescribed surgeries. I went to the pharmacy to have the prescriptions filled. I then sat and meditated at the overlook. I started thinking of my dad who passed away two years ago. I was walking around the garden remembering a conversation with him. I stopped at a fountain to examine the huge crystal geodes that had been placed within the fountain. There was a painted rock, old chipped and faded on top of the fountain. I noticed that there were some parts of words written in Hebrew and I stood there trying to read them, marveling that in this highly Catholic environment I had come across two different sites now, where there was a star of David and something written in Hebrew. Too many letters were missing. I took a step back to see if I could figure out the meaning from a broader perspective. Underneath the rock was written the name of the artist who had painted it. The name was Ring, the same as my own last name, the same as my dad's last name.

I know that some people have experienced spontaneous miracles on their trips to see Joao de Deus. I met a woman who had had lung cancer in both lobes and was told that nothing more could be done for her. Four years ago she visited him and the cancer had been cured. She visits him once a year as a pilgrimage of gratitude. Energetically she continues to work on herself so that she remains healthy. Other people were witness to cripples who walked away without crutches. Katie saw a visible surgery where an instrument was inserted in the nostril, shaken around, removed with a bare minimum of blood. Karla saw a guy cured of AIDS. Tatiana saw a woman with no uterus test positive for pregnancy. I was not witness to any of these kinds of things. But I believe I was witness to a slow going miracle with the young Serbian man with cerebral palsy. When we first arrived, his mom was spooning food into his mouth like a baby. A week later, I saw him feeding himself. This young man was in his early twenties. He spoke very little English, but he had studied Spanish in Belgrade at the university, and so we communicated quite easily. One day at the Casa, I was seated in the garden with him and his mom and she told me for the first time ever she was able to raise him into a standing position and allow him to balance, more or less, on his own. She believed that by January he might begin to learn to use crutches and be able to take a step or two by himself. I looked at his long skinny useless limbs and wondered how far she was deluding herself. The night before we left, we were all chatting in the back courtyard. I was on my way upstairs to my room to retrieve a teabag. Karla, the manager was in the lobby at the computer. Bronya was coming down the stairs on her way out for an evening stroll. Radan and his mom were in the lobby. She had raised him out of his wheelchair, and he was balancing on his own two feet by resting his hands on his mom's shoulders. She took a step backward. He followed. And then another. And then another. It appeared that she was leading him in a dance around the lobby. She circled the room with him like that three times. The three of us who witnessed this applauded wildly, tears streaming down our faces. It was a miracle.

Removing the Surgical Stitches
A week after surgery the Entities visit me between midnight and 5 am to remove the stitches. I dress in white and lie quietly, sleepless, with closed eyes. A glass of blessed water sits on my bedside table. I focus on my breathing and on the gratitude I feel for the Entities who are working with me. The nights here are quite chilly. I sleep with two blankets doubled on top of me. At a certain point I begin to feel discomfort as I lie under the covers. I pull off the blankets. I am aware that the air in the room is cold. My body however is radiating heat. I am not sweating. I am simply aware that I am radiating large quantities of heat. I run my hand down the length of my body, about six inches away from the skin. I feel heat singeing my hand. There is no doubt in my mind that the Entities are working with me. They take their time. I am not in the least bit uncomfortable. I am simply radiating heat. Gradually the sensation fades. Another half hour passes before I feel my body temperature return to its normal state. I drink the blessed water and wait for sunrise.

Milan is a gifted psychic of Indian origin who grew up and had a private practice in energetic healing in Atlanta. He was currently finishing up a year of time spent in Abadiania. His dad was visiting and had come for a healing. Milan said that he had messages for me from beyond. My mentor was a doctor named Jose Valdivino. He would be overseeing my healing process for the next year. He said that I had very gifted healing hands, and perhaps in the future would be working with paraplegics and quadriplegics quite successfully. Oh boy. Here comes my adolescent rebellion again. I like working with the rich people in the fancy resorts. I have no interest in becoming a physical therapist. Whine whine whine. Would you like some cheese with your whine Marian? I am also told that regardless of my concern for undergoing a second surgery for my vision (among other things), that I need to do it for my own belief system. It is true that I can simply sit in Current and request healing and I will receive it. That's been happening all along. But it is crucial for me to undergo the surgery so that I will believe that other areas in which I need healing are being specifically addressed. And not to worry about not being able to work. I will be afforded special protection if I ask for it. Sherry asks Milan why Dr. Valdivino is not addressing me directly. It is because I am not yet ready to hear him. I also will be returning to Abadiania at some point in the future with groups to visit Joao de Deus.

Sherry Hears Voices
Sherry has been meditating regularly for a long time. One morning she comes into my room carrying a piece of paper on which she has written down a message for me. She tells me that though she often meditates, she has never heard voices. This particular morning as she was meditating, she suddenly saw me, surrounded by golden light. She copied down three sentences that were dictated to her to give to me. Then she asked them why they didn't deliver these words to me directly. Once again "…because she cannot hear us yet…"

Gifts to Take Home
I have received many blessings during this two week stay. All revolve around love. I am aware of my many communication skills. I have a gift with language. I have a gift with music. I have a gift with laughter. I have a connection with the earth, with the animals, with the flowers, the birds, the butterflies, the trees. I love the fragrance of gratitude, the aroma of laughter. I am so connected with the people in this town, with the people in this country. I am so grateful that I shared this journey with Sherry and Katie. I have so enjoyed the endless cast of characters who have marched through my life during these two weeks. I love the life of the traveler. There is an energy about the movement of traveling that carries me along buoyantly. I feel so at home here. I know that I will return. Love has wrapped golden rays around my heart. I am wide open to the adventure of this divine life.