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"Miracles do Happen" by Grainne McEntee

This is a true story of Faith, Hope and Love.
Mark Cranley, originally from Ireland, now living in France, contracted HIV 26 years ago. He is 49 years old. In the summer of 2005 he fell ill for the first time. He spent 3 weeks in hospital in France with pneumonia. During that time he was between life and death. His photo was taken to John of God in Brazil. As a result of this presentation of his photo, he recovered quickly. He traveled to the Casa de Dom Inácio, situated in Abadiânia in the heart of Brazil for the month of October that year. His wish was to personally thank the "Entities" who work through John of God.

It was at this time I first met Mark and his lovely French wife Marie. I was struck by his faith, wellness and his extraordinary experiences, before and during his visit to the Casa. He felt a special bond with the "Entities" of the Casa and his heart was full of gratitude for the gift of life he had been given. This proved to be just the beginning of an incredible journey.

He returned to France, feeling well and attended John of God in Germany in November where he received another surgery. On the night of John of Gods operation Mark was in a coma in the Berlin Hospital "La Charité" for 24 hours. After waking up the doctors put him into an artificial coma.

Initially Marie thought it was a result of his spiritual surgery that he was so very ill, because she felt that the healing could take on different forms. She didn't understand what was going on at that time, but she always kept faith and trust. Mark had developed toxoplasmosis which is a paralyzing infection that can fatally shut down the auto immune system, causing among other things, blindness, the cessation of all muscle control, brain damage and death. During this time, the medical team in "La Charite" were very present and full of respect and accepted Marie's request to give him blessed water from the Casa in the form of injections. They also agreed that Marie could put an image of Jesus on the wall and place crystals from the Casa beside his bed.
Mark was well enough to be moved back to France on Dec. 23rd.

I received an email from Marie on Saturday December 31st 2005 informing me that "Mark is in a worse state very, very critical" and that the doctors told her that " he could die in the next hours or days". Basically, this was a plea to help Mark pass on gently. I went to the triangle at the Casa that New Years Eve and I prayed the prayer of Caritas for Mark. The next morning was a Sunday so I attended the 10 o'clock service at the Casa. I and twenty five others prayed for Mark. We had one-minute silence for him and I held all his details in my hand, name, room number in intensive care and date of birth. I also said two prayers for Mark, both of his choosing as Marie had asked. The first was his own composition. " I surrender. I open my soul, my heart, to the Divine healing energy of you Dom Inácio and your Entities to give me healing on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, and all other levels which you know and I do not know of. I ask for the healing which I deserve. I ask for forgiveness and give my love and gratitude."

The second prayer is from the wall of the Casa.

The Prayer for Humanity.
I am that I am.
Dear God, please open my heart …….
Dear God, please open my body
And let your spirit touch me and heal me.
Dear God, show me the way to love and give more of myself……….
Dear God, please give me your peace….
Dear God, show me the way to do your will….
Thank you God.

There was very powerful healing energy in the current (meditation) room that New Years morning 2006. We were all visualizing Mark and sending him strong harmonious love. I received an email later that New Years day from Marie saying "miraculously Mark is better this morning. His right side and tongue are still paralyzed. He is conscious, has taken some blessed water from the Casa and he has no pain and there is no coughing. He is very weak but alive!!!!!" Marie reported to me that he was a bit better, on Tuesday January 3rd.

The next day, Wednesday January 4th, I went to the Entity with a photo of Mark, who looked dreadful, with tubes coming out of his body. I asked to do a surrogate operation on behalf of him which was granted. I duly took this photo of him to the operation room at the Casa and sent energy directly to him on Wednesday afternoon. That same day, after this procedure in Brazil, Mark in France was drinking liquid, had no fever, began to speak slowly and had some memory and understanding. He was in pain but refused the pain-killers in order to stay alert and choose for himself the way to heal. After a while he accepted a small amount of pain-killers so that he could remain at an aware level without too much suffering and in this state be able to make his own choices.

By the end of that week, Sunday January 8, seven days had seen him totally transformed. He could now move his toes and his fingers on his right side (he had been paralyzed ) and was sleeping better. This is the day he declared slowly and clearly, "one day I will go to the Casa and help with the healing of other people".

On Wednesday January 11, Marie's email to me read " Mark is up and down. He has a long way to go. He is not able to move, eat alone, and he is in a lot of pain."

I received big news on Monday January 16th Marks mood was better and the nurses put him sitting up in a chair today. The doctors at the hospital had expressed their puzzlement that Marks immunity was growing so quickly for them.

By Thursday January 19, he received the passionflower (passiflora) herbs that I had sent from the Casa in Brazil. He could now eat with a spoon, (not alone but he could eat!) and gone was the last gastric tube.

A week later on Thursday 26 January Marie reported that Mark was better and better each day. The pain was still bad. He had recovered everything, consciousness, speaking, eating real food, been able to take the passionflower (Casa herbs) alone, moving very little but been able to move his "paralyzed right side in every direction." Today was the day he asked for the motivation to meditate. By Wednesday15 February Mark was really working on his movement, concentrating hard and still in pain.

The week from Wednesday 22 February to Tuesday 28 February was a time of reckoning for the doctors in France. Finding Mark's swift recovery hard to understand, they said" they never had a patient like him, so strong, in front of all the illness, courageous and with body reactions, not like in the medicine books".

On March 20 2006, the doctors called Mark's recovery "miraculous". The day before this Mark went home and stayed overnight, with still lots of pain on his right side. He slept in his own bed and was ready for physiotherapy. Monday April 3 saw Mark being moved to a special center for physiotherapy.

By Wednesday April 26 Mark was doing physiotherapy and was standing up. He was also on tri therapy drugs for HIV since Dec. and Chinese herbs and passiflora, the medicine from the Casa.. On Friday April 28 Mark was already walking 2-3 days and was in gratitude.

By Monday May 15 Mark was walking alone and climbing stairs and he expressed his feeling that his herbs from the Casa were the most important part of his medicine. He asked that his next batch of herbs (which are always sourced and energized in Brazil,) be imbued with the energy to fight against the secondary effects of the tri therapy drugs of the HIV medicine that he was on. I asked the Entities at the Casa specifically to do this for Mark and I sent this special set of herbs to France.

On Friday June 2 there was a set back. Mark was ill. They had changed the tri therapy drugs at the hospital and he had fever, pneumonia-like symptoms, with a pain in his mouth and he couldn't stand up. His wife Marie was exasperated and expressed this in an email to me "In France we cannot choose our medicine all the time we are in hospital. I am really sad about this, as it is clear that it is not good for Mark."

By Sunday June 11 Mark was feeling a little better but he did not have his herbs from the Casa yet!!! On June 19 the specially energized passionflower arrived from Brazil. Marie reported "an immediate improvement as soon as he took the first pills" and the doctors announced an "exceptional phenomena" as Marks immune system was suddenly better. They all had faith now!

On Friday July 2 Mark returned home to much joy. He was still in a wheelchair but by the end of this month not only was he starting to slowly walk up stairs again but I received my very first email from the man himself. He was able to walk even with swollen sore feet, was full of gratitude and expressed the wish to continue the passionflower capsules which he saw as a major key to his health and healing process.

By Saturday August 5 Mark although experiencing a small amount of paralysis on his right side and arm he was still thinking positively and happy in his recovery. I received new photos of Mark and he was a completely different person, had put on weight was smiling and the images were not marred with tubes and hospital locations. He was walking outdoors in his own garden looking relaxed, well and happy. Between now and Sept 17 he was feeling better all the time. He expressed gratitude to myself but most of all to the Entities of Light and Love at the Casa. Asking for more herbs Mark held the belief that the Entities could, through their medication, help to protect him from the hospital medication which was so aggressive and hard on his recovering body His right hand and arm were still a wee bit paralyzed and he had dizzy spells when he awoke. Again in October he received more herbs specially energized for his needs by the Entities and was very grateful. They were helping his recovery and he was acutely aware of this. He never lost his faith.

On November 14 I got a disturbing email describing the hospital drugs, saying that they have severe side effects which can include, mortal liver damage, skin, neurological, and psychiatric problems. Over the next weeks I received a few very distressing messages from Mark telling me that the doctors want him to take these drugs for life! I could sense a major shift in his healing process. He was about to take control of himself.

This is what he personally asked the Entities on Nov. 19.
"Please help me to be cured.
I have changed deeply.
I am more tolerant.
I don't want to take hospital medication any more.
I have really changed in the last year after John of Gods operation on me in Germany and the seven months paralyzed in hospital.
I know now what it is to suffer.
I am less of a warrior and more of a healer.
I've even developed patience!
All I ask the Entity is to help me to cure myself and to let me know if there is a lesson that I did not learn or that I have to learn.
Does the Entity accept to help me even if I refuse to take the hospital medication?"

In mid November I went to the Entity and relayed the above information to him.
Basically the reply was thus. "The Casa and the Entities never recommend stopping doctors medication. They are adamant about this. The herbal medicine of the Casa will work with reducing the side effects of medications and are not contra indicated with any other medicines. The passionflower of the Casa are imbued with special, particular healing qualities for each and every ones individual needs." I continued to send the passionflower capsules to Mark as he enjoyed Christmas time with his family and friends in France. At the end of January I received an email from Mark saying "Physically and mentally I'm as fit as a fiddle!" I'll surrender " wasn't a word in my vocabulary, but a year sick and being in hospital has made me develop humility." At this stage, Mark was taking 1 passionflower capsule a day waiting for the next set of herbs to arrive from Brazil. It was always important to keep the vibration of the Casa medicine going. So, everytime the last box of passionflower was opened the advice was to ration them, from 3 a day to 1, until more arrived. (Each batch lasts approx. 2 months. The simple instructions are to abstain from pork, hot chilli peppers and their derivatives and alcohol for the duration of the herbs.)

In early April I received an email from Mark saying "I have 1 box of pills left. Should I take more? I have stopped taking hospital medication, am on Chinese herbs and other plants and I feel relatively good." He had been taking the Casa herbs without a break at this stage since Jan.2006.

On April 12 2007 I brought Marks photo to the Entity who happened to be Dr. Jose Valdivino. He took one good long look at Mark and said "I'll take it from here, there's no need for any more passiflora." Marks reply to this astounding news was "For the moment everything is grand and I feel better and better." Marie and Mark evolved a lot during this time. They changed their attitudes towards many things in life and in their work. It was these changes which helped Mark to be cured, along with Faith and Hope. Having faith is a crucial part of the healing process. The passionflower herbs of the Casa are a very powerful vibrational healing force. They may not seem very impressive but I assure you, looks can deceive! These among innumerable lessons I have learned and continue to learn as a result of working at the Casa.

In just over a year Mark came from deaths door to the restoration of almost 100% wellness. This is just one of so many miraculous stories concerning the work of the Casa on a worldwide scale. Marks healing journey has taught me plenty about trusting and surrendering. He, his wife Marie and I hope that the sharing of this story will inspire others and help them on their paths. There is no doubt in my mind that the Divine power of God intervened in the laws of nature with respect to Marks suffering. This is what we call "a miracle". All he had to do was to ask and he received. It is with the utmost gratitude to John of God and the Entities that work through him that I have witnessed this extraordinary healing and am privileged to have been a part of it.
The bottom line here is Faith, coupled with Hope and above all, Love, to complete the very powerful sacred Trinity which is working non stop here at the Casa de Dom Inácio, Abadiânia, Goias, Brazil.

Grainne McEntee
Grainne from Ireland has been living in Abadiânia for the past 3 years. She is co-owner, with "Portuguese João" of cafe central on the main street and is a volunteer at the Casa. if you have any queries while in Abadiânia (and there'll be plenty.....) she can help you and if she doesn't know the answer she will point you in the right direction.