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Healing at the Casa - Testimonial by Jane Jones

I, Jane (Jana) Jones of 4/44 Mona Road, Darling Point, NSW 2027, Sydney, Australia and Rua Servidao, Q.20 L.1 Lindo Horizonte, CEP 72940-000 Abadiania, Goias, Brazil, hereby solemnly declare that by the grace of God, I received miraculous healing at the Casa de Dom Ignacio, Abadiânia, Goias, Brazil and I no longer have Motor Neuron Disease also known as MND, ALS, and Lou-Gehrigs.

I was diagnosed with MND, ALS, Lou-Gehrigs in May 2001 by five independent neurologists at St Vincent's Hospital and the Royal Prince Albert Hospital, both in Sydney, Australia. At this time I was given two to three years of life, most of them in a wheelchair, unable to move, talk, chew or swallow. I had to tell my then seven year old daughter that "Mammy is going to die very soon".

My first trip to see Medium Joao at the Casa de Dom Ignacio was at Easter 2002. Medium Joao in Entity took away my walking stick and my mobility increased from 50% to 90%. During my first visit to the Casa de Dom Ignacio I had unforgettable, extraordinary, inexplicable (by science) powerful spiritual experiences. I no longer had the depression associated with facing a terminal illness and all of the unpleasant symptoms of the menopause had disappeared. At this time I was told by Medium Joao in Entity that I would be healed after five more visits.

I visited the Casa de Dom Ignacio five more times and subsequently spent forty five weeks in total in Abadiânia where I completely surrendered to God and followed the simple Casa rules.

During the next three years my mobility and health would rapidly deteriorate while staying in Sydney, and drastically improve during my trips to Abadiânia. In 2004 the Entity took away my walking frame which I was totally dependant on for my mobility and support. I was then able to walk totally unaided.

As foretold by the Entity, exactly after my fifth trip in 2005, followed by a miraculous chain of events and the timely intervention of a brilliant neurologist in Sydney, it was established that my condition had changed from the "incurable", terminal, degenerative illness known as MND, (ALS, Lou-Gehrigs) to a condition known as CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). There is no medically proven treatment for CIDP. However some sufferers respond favorably to "Intragam" treatment. Fortunately I am one of these people.

I am very grateful to Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria for all the positive changes in my life, and for the mental, spiritual and physical healing I have received at the Casa de Dom Ignacio.

May God bless Medium Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria and his family, all the Casa workers, volunteers, translators, taxi drivers and all the wonderful people of Abadiânia for their hospitality, hard work, warm hearts and for sharing so much love with us.