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The Sacred Waterfall by Grainne McEntee

The waterfall (cachoeira in Portuguese) is a sacred place of healing and is an intrinsic part of the Casa de Dom Ignacio. You need permission to go there from the Entity. You may go with someone who has permission i.e. multiple passes. However you must have stood in front of John of God in Entity at least once. If for any reason known to the Entities why you cannot go, you will be informed of this. Perhaps the energy is too strong for you and the work they are doing on you does not require the cachoeira energy. There may be many reasons.

When you get permission this will be written on a white slip of paper with 10, 20, or sometimes even 100 passes written on it. This means that you can bring multiples of 2, 3, 5, whatever makes up the numbers. It is unlikely that you will get 100 people to go with you at any one time. Just do your best to bring as many as possible at one time if you get a large number. For example, you can bring 9 people 10 times if you get 100. You do not have to use up all your passes. You may not have time to be continually going to the waterfall. However, your prescription is not transferable, in that you may not give it to someone else to use. Also you may not use this pass on subsequent trips to Brazil. You must go and ask the Entity for a new one on your next visit. Nobody is permitted to go the waterfall alone, unless they have specific permission to do so. Occasionally the Entity in the line says "Go Now" in which case you take a taxi there, get the taxi to wait for you and return to your pousada to rest afterwards.

Operations frequently occur at the waterfall. The rocks are slippy. Help each other. The energy is so powerful that many feel light-headed after the work. It is advisable to take a taxi there and back, especially if you are physically unfit. If it is your first visit go with someone who is familiar with the area to guide you.

Men and women go separately. Occasionally the Entity will give husbands and wives or life partners permission to go together. There is a wooden gate at the entrance. This is the point of separation of the masculine/ feminine energy, not further down the path at the long wooden bench. You are asked to close this gate to signify that the area is occupied and more importantly to seal the waterfall energetically. Try not to go beyond this gate when it is closed as you are entering others energy field and you are disturbing the work being done. Please be patient and meditate in silence. When you are leaving if there is nobody waiting leave the gate open. This is a sacred place where we can integrate with God, Nature and the Entities, so please be in a prayerful silent state as much as possible. The waterfall is not a recreational space and must be treated with the utmost respect.

If there are lots of people waiting at the gate, there is a lovely shelter in the car park where you can sit, wait and concentrate on what you came here to receive. Try to be at peace and harmony with the wonderful cleansing, healing energy. (Thanks to Lynn and Rupert for providing this necessary facility)

It is a place of great beauty, physically and spiritually. What is not perceived by the naked eye is as important if not more so than the physical reality. There are multitudes of Entities working on everyone here. The spirit world works in neither time nor space. The work is done in the blink of an eye. Please do not linger. Be mindful of your brothers and sisters waiting. Say a prayer of invocation on entering and a prayer of gratitude on leaving. Immerse yourselves in the waters quickly and quietly. Please do not stand in the downstream of water while another is under the fall. They are being cleansed, so allow their water and energy to run past you.

No nudity is permitted. Wear a bathing suit or underwear. These clothes do not have to be white. No candles, incense, soap, shampoo or perfumes are permitted. All photographic, video and audio equipment are prohibited. Please do not take any mementos, such as rocks, crystals or flowers with you, nor leave anything behind after you. You are asked not to perform any rituals or ceremonies of any kind in this special place. Prayer is sufficient. Respect others. Take turns immersing yourselves in the water.

Be brief. This is a place of personal prayer and inspiration. Do not towel yourself dry. Allow these blessed waters to seep into your body and dry naturally. Do not shower for 24 hours. Let the powerful healing waters work on you. It is not advisable to drink the waterfall waters as they run through pastures where horses graze. However if you swallow some do not be alarmed, there hasn't been a case of illness from the waterfall.

You are permitted to go to the waterfall from when the casa gates open in the early morning until 6pm in the evening. Please do not go to there in the dark.
Use discretion about going to the waterfall after surgery. It is advised after invisible surgery to wait at least 48 hours before going, and in the case of visible surgery to wait until after your revision. Enquire at the Casa if you are unsure. Individual recovery times can be different, depending on what the Entities are treating you for. Always respect the permission rule.

As more people come to the casa the waterfall is becoming busier. Be aware all the time and treat this healing, cleansing, sacred place as a pilgrimage. Please refrain from harsh words and aggression. Go with an open, loving heart, in the realisation that all our brothers and sisters are present here for healing also. It is a great opportunity to learn valuable virtues such as patience, tolerance, silence, and an appreciation of the magnificent gift of healing you are receiving at this special waterfall / cachoeira which is a vital extension of the Casa de Dom Ignacio.

Happy healing with love and respect. May all beings be happy and at peace.
Grainne McEntee

Grainne from Ireland has been living in Abadiânia for the past 3 years. She is co owner, with "Portuguese João" of cafe central on the main street and is a volunteer at the casa. if you have any queries while in Abadiânia (and there'll be plenty.....) she can help you and if she doesn't know the answer she will point you in the right direction.