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John of God's First New Zealand Trip May 2006 - Article by Peter Waugh, Official Guide to the Casa

Well folks it happened and there is only one word that can adequately describe the event and that is WOOOW!

The event was the culmination of almost 3 years planning It was an unqualified success thanks in large part to the ongoing guidance and help of the Entities and a wonderful team of volunteers.

There were challenges along the way as when a week before the event the airline we were travelling rescheduled both our flights coming and going to make them no longer available within our time frame. As happened on so many other occasions, the Entities along with our wonderful travel agent came up with another option that while longer time-wise turned out to be more convenient in the long run.

Medium João found NZ a very "clean" place to work on all levels although the time differences made him feel a little like an owl in terms of sleep patterns.

The Maori people welcomed him in a manner befitting of his mission. He was presented with a feather cloak, an honour only bestowed on those with great mana (personal power and prestige). His hands and his head were also given Maori names to signify their sacredness and importance.

The event itself received an overwhelming response from the peoples of the South Pacific - New Zealand and Australia - with a smattering from Europe and USA. Helpers came from all over and at the windup dinner, most indicated that they wanted to help again at the next event next year. Special thanks to those who came long distances.

The event itself just flowed despite having all seasons during it. The energy was very strong to the point that after the Entity had given everyone in the Entities Current Room surgery at the end of two sessions in a row he said don't worry about finding new mediums as the energy was strong enough for him to start the following session alone.

Medium João was very happy with the event and has offered to return as often as we invite him. His entourage all loved NZ and want to return at some later time. The participants were blown away by it judging by the sort of email feedback that has been received. Finally the workers at the Casa, talked to, were all very happy as Medium João returned healthy and in very good spirits.

In summation I can only say that the planning and execution of this event was a major exercise in trust that delivered beyond our wildest dreams and consistent with what the Entity had indicated all along. Again we thank all those involved and particularly the Entities who came to party whenever we hit a roadblock in the planning and execution.

Watch this space in terms of dates for next years event or register on our website if you wish to go on our emailing list.

On my last day at the Casa having completed the post event cleansings the Entity called me to the front of the Entities Current Room and announced that we would be establishing a Casa of healing in NZ - THE CASA DE JOSE. I don't know what to do with that information yet. I am sure The Entities will provide the necessary direction in the fullness of time. In the meantime watch this space………

Blessings to you all
Peter Waugh, NZ