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Release of Film Tribute to John of God

A Film Tribute to John of God - released October 5, 2006 in English with Brazilian Portuguese, German or French subtitles.

The new film on John of God is now in circulation and can be purchased on-line or by phone. The title of this 30 minute documentary is "It is not I, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God".


"Your interview of John captured who he really is."- Martin Mosquera, translator for John of God

"This is a very balanced and beautiful portrayal of John of God and his work." - Diego Coppola, translator for John of God

"This documentary gives us an inside look at John of God, revealing that love and giving and faith in God can heal the body and the spirit." - Jill Neimark, Journalist

From a recent visitor to the Casa:
" excellent job. So many of the other available videos concentrate on the more sensational aspects of the Casa - namely, the visible surgeries - and miss the bigger picture of what is really going on there: spiritual healing and all that implies. This film is the only one that addresses the very important subject of obsession by negative entities, which I thought was explained very clearly to Western viewers."

I especially liked the footage of Dorothy Cooke, whom I was privileged to meet at the Casa. I was pleased that one of the unsung heroes of the Casa got this attention. Everything she said about the Casa and about spiritual life was expressed so clearly and with the strength of personal realization". Swami Satyananda


John of God, an ordinary man with an astonishing gift as a psychic medium, does extraordinary spiritual healing. This documentary is the insider's view of his work, produced by an award-winning documentary film crew.

The relationship between spirituality and wellness is clarified. Viewers see what happens when you consult John of God at his center in Brazil, the Casa de Dom Inácio.

Since 1960 John of God has been helping people heal from AIDS, cancer, and every kind of emotional and/or physical disorder - all at no charge.

People come from all over the world to consult with him. The vast majority have profound spiritual experiences. Some receive their healing through psychic or etheric surgery-a small percent choose a physical intervention. Those having physical surgeries do not experience pain, and there is little bleeding. Numbers of physicians have studied John's work, and reported on its authenticity.

"For thousands of years the priesthood held and carried the Way. It is now time to share the ancient mystical knowledge, so that everyone may benefit." - Native American Elders

John of God shares his knowledge through the healing protocols at his center: drinking blessed water, eating blessed soup, purifying oneself in a sacred waterfall, receiving energy through crystals, sharing fraternity in community, meditating and praying.

Although John incorporates and channels spirits, he does not call himself a shaman-nor does he say he's Spiritualist or Catholic. He says, "My mission is to respect God". His message is ecumenical, and he generously extends himself to everyone who comes to him: all races, all cultures and all religions, rich and poor.

Narrator: Emma Bragdon, PhD. (psychology) has been deeply engaged with ancient spiritual practices since 1965. She has been researching metaphysics in Brazil since 2001. In 2001, John of God recognized her as part of the spiritual family of his Sanctuary, calling her "a daughter of the house". She is the author of two books, "Spiritual Alliances," about John of God, and "Kardec's Spiritism", about contemporary spiritualist centers in Brazil, as well as a guide for people seeking healing from John of God.

Producer: Old Dog Documentaries and Spiriitual Alliances
Director: Anne Macksoud
Executive Producer: Emma Bragdon

Laurance Rockefeller provided the seed money for this film project.
50% of the proceeds from sale are being donated to the Casa de Dom Inácio to maintain its healing sanctuary.

Filmed on location in Brazil and Vermont, USA
Order Now at a Secure Site: Customflix
Ordering by Phone in USA: 1-800-853-6077; International phone: +1-306-337-1496

Price: $24.95
Running Time: 30 minutes; Format:- DVD-R, (NTSC) in English with Brazilian Portuguese, German or French subtitles. Contact if you want to make an order for VHS or PAL formats

Emma Bragdon, PhD.
Ph & FAX: 802-674-2919 in Vermont
Director, Spiritual Alliances, LLC;
PO Box 325, Woodstock, VT 05091, USA